Tom Bleuer: The truth hurts |

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Tom Bleuer: The truth hurts

Mr. Balazs bemoans Krugman and Hebert’s columns May 31. Both include some opinion, as all columnists’ writing does, but the facts support what is of the upmost importance, and that is the truth. Truth can hurt, but it does not lie. Part of the truth can be as much of a lie.

Try to understand the dynamics. The reason millions marched in protest around the world before the war is because we knew what was being said was untrue. The significance of this is the fact that our information did not come from conventional media in this country. That is the truth.

There is no way to be nice about this. The leaders of our country took us to war on lies. This did not have to happen, and no one should have died like this. That is the whole truth.

As a citizen of this country, I will never accept this action or any other falsehoods without dissent. Where is your outrage? In matters of government, you should demand and insure you receive the truth all the time no matter how bad it hurts.

Tom Bleuer

Oak Creek