News for Tuesday, July 26, 2016



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Glennwood Canyon rock mitigation to send traffic through Steamboat, Craig this week

Some traffic will be rerouted through Steamboat and Craig. Drivers heading west from Eagle County should first drive east to Wolcott, head north on Colorado Highway 131, turn west on U.S. Highway 40 in Steamboat Springs, then south on Colorado Highway 13 in Craig and on to Rifle. Drivers headed east can take Highway 13 up to Craig and get on U.S. Highway 40.

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Dr. Rosanne Iversen: Patient care declining

"We can passively allow the insurance industry corporations to dictate quality of care, or we can stop complaining and choose the cooperative model that is available to us through ColoradoCare (Amendment 69)." — Dr. Rosanne Iversen

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Laura Case: Shame on dog owner

"While enjoying breakfast with my son at The Shack, we noticed a beautiful, yellow lab locked in a black Honda Pilot." — Laura Case

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Colorado Master Gardeners: Spreading dogbane — weed or wildflower?

In David Whiting’s “The Science of Gardening,” landscape weeds have many definitions, including: plants growing where they are unwanted, visually unattractive plants, plants that pose a health or safety hazard and plants that displace more desirable plants in the garden.