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Tisha Casida: Common-sense solutions

Tisha Casida / For the Steamboat Today

Tisha Casida

I am running as an unaffiliated candidate for Congress because I want to represent everyone in Colorado's 3rd Congressional District, and I want to bring common-sense solutions back to our constituency, as well as to Washington, D.C. 

I think there are several agencies within the federal government whose functions could be pushed down to state and local governments, where there is more transparency and more accountability. If you are having an issue or a problem, it is much easier to talk to someone whom you can hold accountable at the county courthouse or the state Capitol than it is to try to get in touch with your federal representative. Energy policy, education policy, agriculture policy and some environmental protection functions would be created, enacted and enforced much better at a state or county level than by people who do not live in the same communities that are affected by these policies. 

If we let the federal government focus on the activities it is charged to do (for instance, those outlined in the Constitution), then states, local governments and individuals will be able to make better, stronger, more rational decisions for their community. Congress has the opportunity to actually do something about monetary and fiscal policy that affects all Americans, and if they do not, the markets are going to correct themselves, and that will have devastating consequences for all of us, even worse than the erosion of Americans' wealth that has happened since 2008.

Several of my opponents will talk about legislation that they will introduce or have introduced as the reason why you should elect them. To be honest, very little of their legislation is ever even discussed in committee, much less passed. The time they spend writing legislation to benefit special interests (instead of you, the individuals in Colorado's 3rd Congressional District) could be much better used to listen to the needs of their constituency. 

How easy has it been for you to reach Rep. Scott Tipton? Legislation does not help us; there are many pieces of legislation that create burdens and bureaucracy, which slow economic development as well as trample civil liberties. Laws always require force to carry them out, and oftentimes there is wasteful bureaucratic duplication of laws that create confusion for small business owners and county governments. Common sense dictates that our representatives should read the bills that they pass — they don't — especially because those laws could have very dangerous repercussions for us and for future generations.

I have worked at growing my own small business for seven years, and I continue to face the same struggles as other business owners and residents who are working very hard not just to make a living but to create a better life for their kids and grandkids. I worked to earn a Colorado real estate license and now am waiting for the economy to improve before I am able to make that profitable. My experiences have taught me that it is pertinent that we create sound money, get our fiscal house in order, protect the civil liberties and natural rights of Coloradans and work together to find solutions — not just use the outdated two-party rhetoric that does nothing to help us. 

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The federal government is on a dangerous trajectory, and the only way we are going to fix many of our problems is by understanding when state and local governments would be more effective at creating and implementing policy. This is a sound and immediate solution for many Coloradans. We need federal representatives who will work closely with state and local officials to make this happen efficiently. We need federal representatives that protect their community, not find ways to extract their community's resources to benefit special interests in Washington, D.C.

I am accountable to you; I have received no special interest money from collectives that erode your individual rights and develop legislation that takes your hard-earned money for their special-interest projects. I have signed the Voluntary U.S. House Term Limits Declaration to be your representative in Congress for no longer than six years so that we can foster the next generation of leaders. I am the most dedicated and most transparent candidate in this race, and I would be honored to have your consideration and your vote.

Tisha Casida is an unaffiliated candidate for Colorado's 3rd Congressional District. She lives in Pueblo. Learn more at http://www.casida2012.com.

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