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Timothy Keenan: Don’t ignore case

Timothy Keenan

You may not know it, but there's a critical hearing coming up June 6. It's the case of Pfc. Bradley Manning, accused of making the largest document dump in history to WikiLeaks. Most seriously, he's charged with aiding the enemy, which can be a capital crime, but they're electing not to pursue the death penalty. This is a juicy story with huge implications for the future of whistle blowers and journalists.

The government's prior conduct (locking him in solitary for months without clothing until an outcry forced them to treat him with more respect; the president saying that he broke the law before the case has come to trial; treating him so poorly that a key State Department official resigned) leads many to question whether he's being railroaded or whether he actually has a chance for a fair trial.

All this, and it's being almost completely ignored by the media, new and old. This is one of those conversation starters that newspapers used to relish. You have a chance to start a badly needed dialogue surrounding this case, the behavior of the government and the actions of Manning. Please don't let it pass you by.

Timothy Keenan

Steamboat Springs

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