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Tim Corrigan: Listen, learn and compromise

Tim Corrigan

For those of you who don't know me, I am Tim Corrigan, and I am running for the Routt County Board of Commissioners' District 1 seat. I'm a dedicated husband, a parent of four, a community volunteer, a local businessman and the president of the Soroco School Board. I have been and remain fiercely committed to making necessary positive changes in our local community.

I chose to move to Routt County 31 years ago to enjoy its beautiful natural surroundings, to send my children to great schools and to take advantage of the economic opportunities that were available to my family. Most of all, I enjoy living in a place where I've watched the community pull together to make a better life for all of us.

Routt County will be increasingly faced with tremendous challenges in our local economy. We will be asked how to preserve our traditional economies of agriculture, mining and tourism while at the same time promoting ourselves as a destination for location-neutral workers and confronting the challenges and opportunities that oil and gas development present. I am dedicated to maintaining this delicate balance and representing the best interests of everyone in Routt County.

There will always be a tension between the economic needs of our community and our obligation to preserve and protect our environment for present and future generations. It is a commissioner's responsibility to balance these competing interests.

If elected, I will closely monitor the current budget and plan for next year's budget. I will devote the necessary time to fully understanding county revenues and expenses, and how they impact the county's ability to efficiently deliver critical services and maintain its infrastructure. I will work with the community and county employees to insure that we adhere to Routt County's core values of trust, integrity, effectiveness, efficiency and fiscal responsibility. I will confer with the county manager and department heads as well as individual staff members to make sure that all employees share these values and make them relevant to their work. I will plan for the future. I will review Routt County's Master Plan and the existing regulations that support it to ensure that these documents adequately address the future needs of the county. I will work with the many volunteer organizations and governmental entities that are dedicated to the needs of the people of Routt County.

In particular, I will listen. I will listen to the concerns and the ideas of the residents of Routt County.

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I have acquired some essential skills through my years of experience and some of my proudest achievements. I believe I have learned how to listen, learn, negotiate and compromise. I am not afraid to work hard, and I am at my best when asked to be in a position of leadership. If elected, I will work to advance our economy, protect our environment and improve and sustain our critical infrastructure.

Tim Corrigan is a South Routt resident and the Democratic candidate for the Routt County Board of Commissioners' District 1 seat. Learn more at http://www.votetimcorrigan.com.

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