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Thoughtful Parenting: Seeds of happiness

At a glance

Life for most kids today presents:

■ A schedule that is too busy

■ Pressure to perform

■ Too much media

■ Lack of face-to-face relationships

■ A brain that is in a constant state of fight or flight

The result:

■ Decreased academic performance

■ Problems with attention

■ Impulsive behaviors

■ Depression and anxiety

■ Social struggles

■ Sleep difficulties

Mindfulness helps children develop:

■ Better focus and concentration

■ Compassion

■ Increased sense of calm

■ An understanding of how their brain works

■ Increased stimulation in the prefrontal cortex of the brain

The result:

■ Increased self-awareness

■ Skillful response to difficult emotions

■ Increased empathy and understanding of others

■ Natural conflict resolution skills

■ Better school performance

■ Happier, healthier kids