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Autumn Phillips

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The right Frame of Mind

Band members inch slowly toward their goal

O Snail,

Climb Mount Fuji,

Slowly, slowly.

And so goes the journey of this band that started in California with a mind to someday become the next Phish or String Cheese Incident.

Frame of Mind now lives outside of the small mountain town of McCall, Idaho. Its music sounds like the place where it was written and recorded — in a big house with no neighbors in sight except the national forest.

The band was formed eight years ago by two brothers with a vision.

“We’re taking a long-term approach,” said guitarist and vocalist Obie Scott. “Some bands start rockin’, and they get to the point where they think they’ll make it, and they get disappointed when they don’t.”

Band members quit their day jobs five years ago and are building a fan base by constantly touring. They recently recorded and released their own album and have recorded a few other bands to help pay the rent.

“We were looking at bands like Phish and Widespread Panic, and those bands were around for years before they made it,” Scott said. “String Cheese was around for close to 10 years before they made it.

“We’re not in a hurry. We’re getting better every year.” The band’s goal, he said, is to make music that will last with time.

When Frame of Mind first got together, Scott barely could play bar chords on his guitar. Now, with eight years of songwriting under his belt, he thinks that he and the band are closer than ever to being the band they started out to be.

Although there are only four people in the band, the stage is littered with electric and bass guitars, the harmonica, a Fender Rhodes keyboard, flute, saxophone, drums and the didgeridoo. Josh Scott plays most of those instruments.

Their sound is mostly rhythm driven, moving between songs influenced by a variety of sources, including the Grateful Dead and Jane’s Addiction.

They move seamlessly from one song to another, sometimes playing for 45 minutes at a time without taking a breath.