The Jail Report for July 9 to 15 |

The Jail Report for July 9 to 15

Saturday, July 9

Emily Rebecca Fisken, 27, Steamboat Springs — Driving under the influence, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, disregarding a stop sign (Colorado State Patrol)

Sunday, July 10

Donald Scott Kidder, 46, Steamboat — DUI, no insurance, speeding, second-degree assault on a peace officer, third-degree assault on a peace officer, resisting arrest (CSP)

Joseph Frances Clyves, 47, Steamboat — DUI, weaving, stopping in a crosswalk (Steamboat Springs Police Department)

Sara Ann Snook, 41, Steamboat — DUI, driving on the wrong side of the road (SSPD)

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Ray Irwin Curtis, 24, Steamboat — Violating a protective order, failure to register as a sex offender (SSPD)

Monday, July 11

Louis Christopher Bedowitz, 41, Denver — DUI, failure to signal (SSPD)

Suzanne Michelle Gibson, 42, Steamboat — Fraud and deceit, attempted possession of a Schedule 3 drug (SSPD)

David William Starbuck Tilton, 30, Fountain Valley, Calif. — DUI, DUI per se, speeding (SSPD)

Tuesday, July 12

Jeffery Sean Truslow, 21, Walden — Contempt of court (SSPD)

Heather Rogell, 35, Steamboat — Failure to appear (DUI) (Out of county)

Wednesday, July 13

Jonathan David Crook, 30, Denver — Third-degree assault (SSPD)

Thursday, July 14

Molley Erin Claeys, 29, Elkhorn, Neb. — Driving under the influence of drugs, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving an uninsured motor vehicle (CSP)

Caitlin Campagna, 20, Hayden — Violating a protective order (SSPD)

Scott Kirby Chandler, 29, Steamboat — DUID, open container (CSP)

Ryan Paul Miller, 23, Steamboat — Harassment, second-degree burglary (SSPD)

Friday, July 15

Carissa Brittany Schultz, 25, Steamboat — DUI, open container, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, failure to signal, improper stopping (CSP)

Mark Joseph Ehrhart, 54, Brentwood, Calif. — DUI, speeding (SSPD)

Elizabeth Ann Christensen, 42, Steamboat — Fugitive of justice (Routt County Sheriff's Office)

Phillip James Rubin, 67, Steamboat — DUI, no insurance (CSP)

Robert Lawrence Kidder, 49, Oak Creek — Harassment (RCSO)

Joseph Charles Webb, 35, Steamboat — DUI, driving under restraint, open container, failure to use turn signal (CSP)

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