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Autumn Phillips

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Take a seat on The Last Bus

The song begins with a loud ring, like a monk hitting a bell to wake people from mediation. The first few measures are a chaos of modem static and traffic, and then the music starts.

More than anything, those 10 measures of music describe what Montrose-based band The Last Bus is all about. With a keyboard player who seems to play with his entire body and easygoing jams a la the Grateful Dead, this band’s one goal is to cradle the audience.

They are a soundproof room in a crazy world.

“Our main focus is getting people up and feeling good,” said Josh Fabian, bass player and founding member of the band. “Not everything in this world make you feel good right now. We want to send out a positive vibration to weed through all this negative stuff.”

Their song “Microscope” says simply, “everything’s going to be all right.”

“People have told us that they are driving across country, and things might not be going so well in their lives, and that song offers them some hope.”

This is The Last Bus’ first time performing in Steamboat Springs.