Suspected shooter appears in Routt County Court |

Suspected shooter appears in Routt County Court

Steven Torres

— The Routt County District Attorney's Office has filed three counts of attempted first-degree murder against the man suspected of firing a single gunshot toward two bouncers and a woman Friday night at The Tap House Sports Grill.

Steven Torres appeared in custody in Routt County Court on Wednesday. His bond has been set at $250,000, and he is scheduled to appear in court again at 1 p.m. Wednesday.

An affidavit filed with the court reveals some new details about what officers think happened.

According to police, one of the bouncers said he had received complaints about Torres. When the bouncer approached Torres, Torres turned around and punched the bouncer in the chest and said, "You don't wanna get capped," the affidavit states. The document states that the bouncers escorted Torres out of the bar and that at the top of the stairs Torres said, "You're gonna get capped."

The bouncers reported that Torres was escorted outside about 10 feet from the entrance to the bar and that he stood outside for two to three minutes before he reached into his pocket and pulled the handgun out of a plastic bag, the affidavit states. At that point, the bouncers said they ran down the stairs and heard the gunshot. One of the bouncers told police that he felt the air from the bullet pass by his leg as he was going down the stairs.

According to the affidavit, a waitress told police she was standing at the bottom of the stairs looking up and saw Torres fire the gun at the two bouncers.

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Police arrived at the bar quickly and were told by a woman that her husband was following the shooter toward Yampa Street. Police received a description of the suspect and arrested Torres in front of a bar in the 600 block of Yampa Street.

Detective Dave Kleiber said Tuesday that he tried to interview Torres but that Torres refused to talk about the incident and just shouted profanities.

Kleiber said he had spoken with people who had seen Torres on a bus earlier in the evening and reported he was acting strangely.

"They both said he was acting so bizarre, and that's why they decided to take a picture of him with their smartphone," Kleiber said.

Tap House employees also reported Torres was acting strangely and creeping people out.

Kleiber said Torres has an Arizona driver's license but was renting a room at a home on Meadow Lane. Kleiber did not know why Torres was in Steamboat and said Torres did not appear intoxicated when he spoke with him Friday night.

Kleiber said that he investigated Torres' criminal history and that it appeared he did not have much of one except for a possible DUI arrest out of California in 1985.

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