Susie Makens: No apology from me |

Susie Makens: No apology from me

The other day I went to see the movie, "America." Not knowing what to expect, I was captivated from the beginning.

The history presented brought back reminders of what I had learned in my younger years. Why America became the great nation we are. I felt the writer of this movie did an excellent job in presenting some very fundamental facts about America. Where we have been and where we are going.

Highlighted throughout this movie were the distortions to counteract the truths about American history. What is truly frightening is how these untruths are being integrated into our country today and have been seeping into our lives for many years now much like a cancer.

America was founded upon God as well as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. America has prospered with ingenuity, entrepreneurship, hard work, capitalism and so forth. However, there are the antagonists here in America who want to destroy everything we were built upon? This has been a work in progress and has exploded at an alarming rate during the past six years.

Take for example the huge movement against capitalism emphasizing the evils of corporations. A few years ago, there were some protesters here in Steamboat holding signs that said, "Down with Capitalism." I approached them and told them they should stand there naked with "Against Capitalism" written on their bodies in their own blood. They looked shocked, but I reminded them that everything they were using and wearing was a product of capitalism.

You don't want it, than don't use it. I, for one, am thankful for many of the changes that capitalism has done for our country. Thank goodness for dishwashers, dryers, medicine, cars, inside toilets and so forth.

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Recently, a friend posted some comments to her site with the following message:

Defend our borders

English as the primary language

Balanced Budget

U.S Constitution & Bill of Rights our foundation

Tax Reform

Term Limits for Congress & Senators

Mandatory drug screening before welfare

A young college student posted back stating that this was ridiculous and could not be taken seriously. Unfortunately, she is not the minority but is well to becoming the majority with the younger population. They are learning from what is being taught in the schools, through media and other forms of communication.

This is exactly what was stated in the movie, "America." All one has to do is tune into some sort of media outlet, and we constantly are being reminded how bad America is and continues to be. Really? In fact, our own president goes around apologizing for everything we have done and we stand for.

I do have a suggestion for all of you who are so ashamed of America, please feel free to move somewhere else, such as Cuba or North Korea, there is a waiting line to enter. I am so tired of hearing how America constantly is taking a beating from people who claim to call themselves Americans.

Do you realize that our government, along with other influential people, is bullying us into believing all this garbage? We worry about bullying in school, but look at who is the biggest one of all. It is only going to get worse unless we start standing up for what America was built upon.

Every American should see this movie. Perhaps it will remind all of us what a great country we are so fortunate to live in.

I will never apologize. God bless America!

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