Susie Amsden: Ranch is needed |

Susie Amsden: Ranch is needed

— Having read the editorial that was published on May 4 concerning plans for the Sweetwood Ranch along the Elk River, I would like to speak in my defense as well as many neighbors out here in our subdivision. For the record, Mr. Wood has no knowledge that I am writing this. Many neighbors do not have a problem with Mr. Wood's wanting to establish a small guest ranch with the capability to offer different types of event services. In fact, I would say the majority of us are in favor or simply do not find it that big of a deal. Undoubtedly, I respect the wishes of the neighbors that do not feel this way, but the bigger picture is being missed. Where in Steamboat Springs is there a place that can offer an all-in-one package that will provide for special events on a ranch-like setting? Sure there are places out by Steamboat Lake, south of town as well as west, but they are not close to town and do not have the Elk River running through the property. Mr. Wood has done a terrific job with the architect of the buildings to fit into the natural surroundings. The main house is not a huge 12,000-square-foot home, but much like a ranch home you would expect to find in the West.

The county planning commission needs to look at the value this business endeavor could bring to our community. Jobs would be created to help run these special events, money would be spent on lodging, food, entertainment, etc. by the guests who come to our town. This means more tax revenue for our town to spend, what a concept! The biggest complaint I have heard is the noise, which I do not believe would be that big of an issue. Most of the events that incorporate music would probably be inside due to the fact it is just too cold to be outside, especially at night, and that includes summertime. I support Mr. Wood with his idea to move his ranch business forward, it would have a positive impact upon our community, I really can't see what all the negatives would be. Heck, if he wanted to make it a nudist camp he would still have my support. It would still be generating income. Along with an increased sale of binoculars. As for the noise factor, that seems to bother a few of the neighbors, I would suggest they sit out on their decks at night and listen to the music with a glass of wine. It might liven things up around here. I would rather listen to the music than the coyotes that sometimes howl all night long. You can't tell them to quiet down, believe me, I have tried.

Susie Amsden

Steamboat Springs

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