Sue Leonard: Imagine possibilities |

Sue Leonard: Imagine possibilities

I am writing in response to Tuesday's column by Tom Ross headlined "Catch a reusable SoCal wave." I thoroughly enjoyed the article and like his train of thought.

I'd like to put my 2 cents' worth of ideas into the mix of possibilities of an emerging economy that Tom mentioned. Perhaps a new generation of amazing artists could be found all through their creative designs being noticed out on the streets — from rags to riches, all as a result of what's on the outside of the bag.

Each year, just as we have independent book awards and independent film awards, each state could have a competition for "Best Independent Artist" in the category of "Shopping Bag Designer." The ultimate prize would be, of course, that the starving artist no longer would need help in stocking his shelf with food. He or she now would have fame, fortune and recognition.

If we phased out the use of all plastic bags across the country and if artists began creatively designing and manufacturing beautiful substitutes, imagine how many artists could be employed. Keeping up with the design competition could be stiff.

If a shopper got tired of toting the same design around, then the "recyclable bag kiosk" would come in handy — a new design could be picked up. Riots may ensue among shoppers trying to trade in their old designs for the hottest new ones. Imagine it!

Sue Leonard

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