Study: Oil, gas drilling caused air pollution in West |

Study: Oil, gas drilling caused air pollution in West

Mark Jaffe / The Denver Post

— A comprehensive analysis of emissions and ozone pollution in the Uintah Basin in eastern Utah concluded that the primary source is oil and gas operations.

The oil-field operations created about 99 percent of the volatile organic chemical emissions and about 70 percent of the nitrogen oxides emitted in the basin.

“It isn’t surprising, this is a rural area,” said Brock LeBaron, who managed the study for the Utah Department of Environmental Quality.

Across the West — from Colorado’s Front Range to Wyoming’s Green River Basin — oil and gas operations have been linked to ozone pollution.

Ozone pollution has become a problem in the Uintah Basin, with levels in 2011 reaching 139 parts per billion, nearly double the federal health standard. About 1,100 wells were drilled that year.

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