Stuart Handloff: Can they be trusted? |

Stuart Handloff: Can they be trusted?

Isn't anyone else shocked and alarmed by the public discourse of Bob McConnell and columnists like Cal Thomas? Thomas seriously suggests that abortion should be discouraged so as to "increase the number of taxpayers." Of course, McConnell wants to do away with taxation altogether.

We've seen the impact that years of ineffective or non-existent government regulation has given us: financial crises and environmental catastrophe. But McConnell wants to do away with the little remaining controls still in place. Do you seriously trust the Enrons, Goldman-Saches and British Petroleums of this world to look out for your interests?

But what's really scary is that if the McConnells soon-to-be-running for office actually are elected, they'll have nuclear weapons in their hands (that's likely part of his reorganized Department of Defense plan). Just imagine the fun Sarah Palin could have with atomic bombs.

Stuart Handloff

Steamboat Springs

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