Stolen SUV is found in Denver |
Tamera Manzanares

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Stolen SUV is found in Denver

A sport utility vehicle stolen from the Hayden Mercantile earlier this month has been found in Denver.

A black 1998 Mercury Moun–taineer stolen from the store parking lot June 6 was found abandoned in a residential alley by the Denver Police Department, Hayden Police Officer Ed Corriveau said.

The windshield of the car was broken out, stripes had been painted along the sides of the car and the stereo face plate was missing. Miscellaneous items not belonging to the car’s owner were left in the car, including a photo of a man in his 20s, Hayden police Chief Jody Lenahan said.

Police are working to find a name to match the photo, which doesn’t resemble anybody local, he said.

The car’s owner told police she was in the Mercantile for 10 to 15 minutes when her car was taken. She left the keys under the seat.

Her wallet was in the car when it was stolen, and an undisclosed amount of money was withdrawn from her bank account with her ATM card later in the day. The transaction occurred in Aurora, and police are investigating surveillance photos from the location.

Lenahan did not know whether surveillance photos matched the photo found in the car.

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