Steve Hofman and Johnny Spillane: Draw own conclusions |

Steve Hofman and Johnny Spillane: Draw own conclusions

Friday's Steamboat Today ran a story, "Group opposes casino," quoting briefly from a statement we provided the newspaper. We thought it appropriate to give readers the full text of what we said:

"So far our outreach to the community gives us no reason to believe that the effort by Mr. Cousins represents little more than a minority of voices throughout the valley.

The Sleeping Giant Group's viewpoint has been informed by over 60 meetings with community leaders across the valley; two of several planned community conversations, one in Hayden and one in Steamboat Springs; a website soliciting comments and questions that has had over 850 visitors; and this week's poll on in which over 1,400 votes have been cast. The evidence to date points to a community interested in this project, what it has to offer, supportive in concept, looking to learn more in the weeks and months ahead, and ready to input into its development.

We respect and understand that people, including Mr. Cousins and others, will have differing viewpoints about this project. That is the American way and the way of this valley. It is not our mission to change heart-felt opinions. Our goal is to have an informed conversation. We will continue to engage the community and do our best to answer questions, use their input to make this project a success and make clear the reality of the opportunity offered by this project for a wide range of residents and for the valley's economic future.

We encourage all residents to go to our website,, take a look at the studies and information posted, share your comments and questions with us, and draw your own conclusions."

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