Steve Hitchcock: Time well spent |

Steve Hitchcock: Time well spent

I have always been interested in the issues that face our community. They are varied, challenging, interesting and rewarding to engage.

For the last four months, I have enjoyed the privilege of joining the editorial board of the Steamboat Pilot & Today as a community representative along with Win Dermody. The weekly meeting has been a highlight of my week as we discussed local issues in a group of informed individuals coming to the topics from differing points of view and seeking to find a position or point to be made on which we agreed. Far more often than not, we succeeded.

I felt during the experience that I was not there just to observe and that the "inside" board members from the Pilot & Today were anxious to take the community representatives' ideas into the mix as well as suggestions for what issues to address.

During my brief tenure, we took positions that were applauded and others that generated pages of blog comments in opposition. I hope that the resulting discussions opened the issues up for wider understanding throughout the community. I know that some positions were widely disagreed with — as evidenced by the results at the ballot box.

I believe that the effort is worthwhile and I encourage you, if you are interested in our community and the topics of the day, to consider giving an hour or two of your week for a few months by serving as a community representative to the editorial board. It is time well spent.

Steve Hitchcock

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