Steve Havenner: A fool will repeat |

Steve Havenner: A fool will repeat

According to your article regarding Jane Norton's recent visit to Steamboat Springs (March 1, page 3), she outlined her support for the following:

  1. Spend remaining stimulus funds on reducing the deficit instead of further stimulating our still-suffering economy

  2. Abandon the current health care legislation.

  3. Cut taxes for corporations, estates and payroll.

  4. Eliminate the Department of Education.

  5. Kill the current cap-and-trade plans to reduce carbon emissions.

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  6. Reduce government regulation.

The meeting with Jane was attended by 15 Routt County residents (I assume by invitation only). I'm wondering if they are the last 15 people in the county to support the failed policies that have created our current economy and destruction of the middle class. It is a fool who repeatedly follows the same policies while expecting different results.

 Steve Havenner

Steamboat Springs

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