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Stephen Ivancie: Support Andrew Romanoff

Stephen Ivancie

Andrew Romanoff is a candidate to become Colorado's next United States senator. He comes to this race with impressive experience and legislative accomplishment.

Romanoff served four terms in the Colorado Legislature. Within two years, his peers elected him minority leader. From that position, Andrew led the campaign to capture the first Democratic majority in the Colorado House in three decades. As speaker of the House, he wrote Referendum C, with strong bipartisan support, avoiding what was then the worst fiscal crisis in Colorado since the Great Depression.

Other accomplishments include the billion-dollar Build Excellent Schools Today plan to repair and rebuild schools in poor and rural districts, as well as HB 1407, which cracked down on insurance companies delaying or even refusing valid claims. His record proves his ability to bridge partisan division, making him well suited to cure the morbid political gridlock in Washington.

Recognizing corporate money is behind that gridlock, Romanoff is the only candidate in this race refusing corporate interest PAC contributions. Andrew speaks against the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling allowing corporations unlimited spending on political advertisements. "It made the problem worse," he said. "It will send a chill down the spine of every Congressman who still has one."

Andrew Romanoff knows we can do better. He wants to cut the cost of health care and bring basic coverage within reach of every American. He will work to make our country less reliant on foreign oil, and invest in education and job creation instead of leveraging our economy on financial gimmicks and foreign debt. None of these reforms will happen until we free Congress from the grip of corporate contributors. Andrew will refuse federal heath benefits until every citizen can get coverage. He knows that leadership means taking responsibility to get results.

Andrew Romanoff is already consistently gaining in the polls and is therefore the best candidate to take on the Republican challenger.

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As an effective and seasoned legislator, Andrew Romanoff is the best Senate candidate money can't buy!

Join me in supporting Andrew Romanoff at caucus Tuesday. For more information, please go to

Stephen Ivancie was a Steamboat Springs City Council member from 2001 to 2009.

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