Steamboat’s Lowell Whiteman graduates 16 seniors |

Steamboat’s Lowell Whiteman graduates 16 seniors

Luke Graham

— All graduations are different.

However, the message, no matter the place or school, always remains the same.

For the 2014 graduates of The Lowell Whiteman School, what was bestowed upon them Saturday weren't foreign concepts. It probably wasn't something they haven't heard.

"A lot of this is cliche," said 2014 Olympian and commencement speaker Eliza Outtrim. "This has probably been said at graduation before."

Of course, though, graduation is a time for excitement. It's a time to celebrate. And it's a time where the possibilities and adventures seem endless.

To celebrate, and throw back the clock, we recognize the 16 graduates from The Lowell Whiteman School with a choose your own adventure. It's simple. Choose the adventure you want, and go to the corresponding paragraph.

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1. Avital Shimko is deferring Fort Lewis to focus on her budding freestyle skiing career. She's a chocolate lover and can show up as many different characteristics. She also enjoys online shopping, to the chagrin of her family.

2. Drew Boatwright came to LWS as a shy young man who loved hockey. Unfortunately, like in hockey, he didn't always stay out of the penalty box. But through his years at the school, he did grow, showing his leadership skills on a recent ascent up Mount Elbert.

3. Elizabeth Rice was unprepared academically when she got to Lowell Whiteman. She started from ground zero. But a key part of Rice's growth at the school wasn't just catching up, but using her creativity and caring ways to become a leader in the classroom.

4. Sean Timmons is a history buff and is Prussian. Shall you try to bluff your way in talking history, Timmons will call you out on it. He loves coffee. He also has plans to start a nonprofit or be a CEO of a for profit. Brush up on your history and get your resumes ready.

5. Linnea Zink was described as a bouncy ball, as she's everywhere. When asked where she wants to travel next, she says everywhere. Like a bouncy ball, no one is sure which way she'll go, but it will always be fun to watch.

6. Maybe more so than anyone, Olivia Rudolph was able to make connections of ideas and people. She was the school's connection to the Steamboat community, helping out with multiple organizations throughout town.

7. Jim Vanderbeek loves skiing, kayaking and is currently getting his pilots license. While he is a certified stud, it's his ability to share his emotions that set him apart among his classmates.

8. Amalia Mason was known by her classmates for her beautiful voice that could be heard throughout the dorms. She also was described as a pistol, sometimes causing trouble, but always doing things wholeheartedly.

9. David Kissane throws huge tricks when he skis and has a way of drawing people to him. His independence and self assurance are evident. He leads a life he wants, not the one others tell him to.

10. Henry McDonald is smooth. Set off by his unique fashion statement, McDonald had a dance for almost any occasion. Lost in Alabama, he found himself in Colorado. He's off to his dream place, attending Portland State University.

11. Sarah Zaritsky has many sides to her, and one includes playing roller derby. She's quite the dichotomy, garnering multiple nicknames for all of her interests. Two stick out. Kama Kazi Osbourne for her love of metal and Sarah Don't Care'ah for her easygoing nature.

12. Dylan Parsons, named the Senior Scholar, has earned just about every academic award possible. He's also into magic, jiu jitsu and undoubtedly will be successful. Get your resumes into him soon as we all may be working for him.

13. Brian Glover is smooth. A ladies man. A casanova. An athlete. There are many layers to him, his most redeemable, though, is he's a big softy that adores his mother and younger sister.

14. Hans Brunk was jokingly described as a spy for the Swedish government turned double spy for the American government. He's also a great skier, deferring college for Alpine skiing in Sweden.

15. James Laughlin is one phenomenal pilot. He loves wearing cutoff shirts to show his guns. He also will attend Bates College in Maine.

16. Bobicheng Zhang loves playing video games. The gentle giant, though, is known for his quick-witted humor and big heart. He recently came up with a wonderful acronym for Math. Mental Affliction to Humans. Genius.

Certainly the messages in graduation all share things in common. But it is an exciting time. It's a time for growth, for experience and it is a time for the next adventure.

"It is cliche," Outtrim said. "But it's all true. Make it good, work hard and do what you love."

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