Steamboat’s Eric Meyer again reaches summit of Everest |

Steamboat’s Eric Meyer again reaches summit of Everest

Eric Meyer sits atop Mount Everest in 2004. He reached the summit again Wednesday morning in Nepal.

— Steamboat Springs doctor Eric Meyer accomplished his second summit of Mount Everest, reaching the top of the highest mountain in the world Wednesday morning in Nepal, according to his team’s Facebook page.

Climbing with friend Chhiring Dorje Sherpa's Rolwaling Excursion, Meyer was one of 15 in the group to reach the top and one of 60 climbers to make it.

Meyer has become a regular in the Himalayan high country since he first reached the top of Mount Everest in 2004. He's made multiple trips to the region since, but this was his second summit.

His team this year included team leader and frequent climbing partner Chris Klinke as well as one other U.S. climber, a Swede, a Pole, two Indonesians and eight Nepalese climbers.

Meyer got a late start to this year's climbing season and tried to make up for a lack of acclimatization time by sleeping in his Steamboat home in an altitude tent, which simulated the atmosphere at 16,000 feet, about the level of Everest's base camp.

He climbed the mountain from the more popular south side in Nepal this time, as opposed to the north Chinese side he climbed in 2004.

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"The reason why I climb, it's in the experience itself," Meyer said before leaving this spring. "The beauty of the climb is in the experience — not the summit — the people you meet, the way you're put in touch with your own frailty. You're forced to dig down deep, and there is tremendous teamwork and camaraderie involved in pulling something like this off and coming back in one piece.

"There's nervousness, but it's balanced by excitement, too. You have to be prepared for all of that. You have to be realistic about the environment you're in and the chance that you might not come back. But it's such a special place, and I'm so very fortunate to be able to do what I'm doing."

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