Steamboat 700


700 housing plan on agenda

Attainability program would market 480 homes to set income levels

The attainability program for the proposed Steamboat 700 annexation would require 480 homes to be initially marketed to buyers earning no more than 200 percent of the area median income. A discussion of the attainability program is on the City Council’s agenda for Tuesday night.

Steamboat 700 property tax rates would be highest in county

Property tax rates in the proposed Steamboat 700 annexation would be more than double those in Steamboat Springs and would top rates across Routt County, according to 2009 figures. The difference boils down to about $100 per month between property tax payments for owners of a $350,000 home in an annexed Steamboat 700.

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Steamboat 700 advocates, opponents discuss impacts on market

Advocates on both sides of the Ste­amboat 700 ballot question debated Friday whether the controversial project would deal a setback to the Routt County housing market. Let’s Vote is challenging last year’s City Council decision approving an annexation agreement for land west of city limits, which would allow the developers to enter the planning process.

Student hosts Steamboat 700 meeting

Gates Gooding creates thesis about Steamboat’s growth at MIT

Gates Gooding is hosting a public meeting Thursday night to talk with city residents about Steamboat 700, as the first step in a study to quantify the proposed annexation’s potential impacts. For his graduate thesis at MIT, he hopes to create a scientific, quantifiable study of potential impacts from future local development, or lack thereof.

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Eagle debate strikes chord

Development battle similar to Steamboat 700 conversation

Last week’s vote by Eagle residents to deny a proposed development came after a debate about growth similar to local talk about Steamboat 700. On Jan. 5, Eagle residents turned out in record numbers to vote on Eagle River Station, an 88-acre development that proposed 581 homes, a 150-room hotel and 552,000 square feet of commercial space.

Steamboat 700 vote taking shape

Council, commissioners to address plans for city-run, mail-only election today

City and county officials are finalizing details about the upcoming vote on the proposed Steamboat 700 annexation. Running the election is the city’s task, but an intergovernmental agreement will allow the Routt County Clerk and Recorder’s Office, which has election experience and equipment, to tally votes in the mail-only election that concludes March 9.

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Year in review: Tragedies, recession strike community in 2009 and bring us together

Routt County took one punch to the gut after another in 2009, a year marked with sadness, tragedy, financial struggle and, ultimately, resilience in a community that many say has nowhere to go but up. The year began with the tragic Jan. 5 death of U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Richard Lopez after an altercation outside of a restaurant in downtown Steamboat Springs. Tragedy struck again less than a week later, when Bill and Patrick Rooney died Jan. 11 in a plane crash near Yampa Valley Regional Airport in Hayden. And in February, the community lost ski pioneers John Fetcher and Jim Temple within days of each other, both from natural causes.

Steamboat 700 campaigns taking shape

Local groups on opposing sides of annexation debate

On Monday, a group calling itself “Good for Steamboat” announced its intention to file with Steamboat Springs City Clerk Julie Franklin as a campaign committee in support of Steamboat 700 and Referendum A, the ballot issue that will decide the fate of the proposed development.

City releases water study

Report gives capacity, cost projections for potential development

Philo Shelton said Thursday that he is confident in the city’s updated plan for $34 million worth of potential water infrastructure that would service future development west of Steamboat Springs. On Tuesday, he presented a study by McLaughlin Water Engineers, of Denver, “Water and Wastewater Master Plan Updates,” to the Steamboat Springs City Council.

Council OKs Steamboat 700 vote

City voters will weigh in on proposed annexation in March 9 ballot

The Steamboat Springs City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to put the Steamboat 700 annexation to a public vote, which will conclude March 9. Ballots for the mail-only election will be sent to registered city voters between Feb. 15 and Feb. 19.

Council to set date for Steamboat 700 vote

Medical marijuana regulations, building fees also on City Council agenda

After a successful petition effort last month by the citizen-led Let’s Vote group, the City Council will decide whether to repeal the ordinance that approved the annexation of Steamboat 700 in October or put that approval to a public vote.

John Whittum: Educating the public

In my 45 years of reading Steamboat Pilot & Today editorials, I don’t think I have ever seen such an astonishing commentary as what appeared last Sunday under the title “Our View: Time for 700 Education.”

Steamboat 700 vote seems certain

Election timeline, collaboration with county to be decided

A public vote on the Steamboat 700 annexation appears certain, but details of the election remain up in the air. On Dec. 15, the Steamboat Springs City Council is scheduled to decide whether to repeal the annexation’s approval or put it to a public vote.

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Petition for 700 vote succeeds

City manager confirms enough verified signatures to return annexation to City Council

City Manager Jon Roberts confirmed today that there are enough verified petition signatures to return the Steamboat 700 annexation to Steamboat Springs City Council and potentially put the proposal to a public vote.

Steve Lewis: Lock in standards

The Let’s Vote group deserves our respect for standing up personally for what they believe.

Steamboat 700 petitioners claim 1,334 signatures

Organizers say drive for annexation vote going strong; Thursday is deadline

Organizers of a petition drive to put the Steamboat 700 annexation to a public vote said Tuesday that they have submitted 1,334 signatures to the city clerk.

Steamboat 700 petitioners submit 600 signatures

Let's Vote committee required to collect 829 signatures by Nov. 12 to force referendum of annexation

The committee that hopes to bring the city of Steamboat Springs' annexation of Steamboat 700 to referendum submitted its first collection of signatures Tuesday. City Clerk Julie Franklin confirmed Wednesday that the committee, known as Let's Vote, has submitted 14 petitions, which the group says contain more than 600 signatures.

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700 proceeds during signature petition drive

Development's project manager says signature drive was not a surprise

Don't expect to see any major campaign efforts promoting Steamboat 700 while a group of citizens tries to collect enough signatures to challenge the Steamboat Springs City Council's annexation of the development. "We've always known a petition was an option of the electorate, and we respect that," Danny Mulcahy said.

Our View: If petition succeeds, let the people vote

A group of citizens took the first steps Tuesday toward enacting their constitutionally protected right to petition government. Kudos to them for taking an active role in our democracy. We now hope the next Steamboat Springs City Council will allow the referendum process to run its due course and not circumvent it by repealing last week's ordinance annexing the controversial Steamboat 700 project.

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Committee collecting signatures to put Steamboat 700 to vote

First step taken toward city vote on Steamboat 700 annexation

It looks as if the Steamboat Springs City Council - regardless of the outcome of the Nov. 3 election - will put Steamboat 700 to a citywide vote rather than repeal the annexation if petitioners gather enough signatures to trigger the city's referendum process.

Referendum procedure set for Steamboat 700

No petitioners registered day after council OKs annexation

On the first day after the Steamboat Springs City Council approved the annexation of the Steamboat 700 development, no petitioners had registered to create a referendum to bring the issue to a citywide vote.

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Council annexes Steamboat 700

Possibility of referendum election still looms

The Steamboat Springs City Council voted 4-3 late Tuesday night to approve the annexation of Steamboat 700, a project that ultimately is expected to bring about 2,000 homes, 380,000 square feet of commercial space and 4,700 residents to the western edge of the city.

Decision time for Steamboat 700

City Council to give final consideration to Steamboat 700 annexation

What some have billed as the most important issue to ever face the city of Steamboat Springs goes before City Council today for final consideration.

Our View: Council should approve Steamboat 700

The annexation of Steamboat 700 isn't about today, tomorrow, next month, next year or even five years from now. It's about the long-term future and growth of our community, and although that may be a difficult goal to focus on amid an economic recession, it's the proactive approach our elected officials should take and are taking.

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Study projects big increase in US 40 traffic

Findings estimate cars will nearly double on highway by 2035

The 13th Street bottleneck at the west entrance to downtown Steamboat Springs is left relatively unaddressed in required traffic improvements that would accompany the proposed Steamboat 700 annexation.

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Council candidates address concerns about Steamboat 700 at forum

The proposed Steamboat 700 annexation - to differing degrees - split the candidates in all three contested races for the Steamboat Springs City Council at a Friday election forum. Steamboat 700 proposes 2,000 homes and 380,000 square feet of commercial space on 487 acres just west of city limits.

Steamboat 700 still confident despite near defeat

Project 1 vote away from defeat in City Council on Tuesday

Steamboat 700 came within one vote of defeat Tuesday, but Principal and Project Manager Danny Mulcahy said he was encouraged by the outcome and remains confident moving forward.

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Calls for vote on 700 continue

Council worries about proposed Steamboat 700's housing costs

City Council members gave initial support Tuesday night to the proposed Steamboat 700 annexation, but developers were asked to address a number of issues before returning for final consideration.

County endorses Steamboat 700

Controversial annexation goes before City Council today

The Routt County Board of Commissioners threw its weight behind the proposed Steamboat 700 annexation Tuesday. The commissioners voted, 2-1, to send a letter in support of Steamboat 700 to the city.

Council will review Steamboat 700 annexation proposal today

The culmination of two years of review begins tonight when the Steamboat Springs City Council gives preliminary consideration to a collection of ordinances and resolutions annexing Steamboat 700.

Letter to the Editor: Our opportunity

It is our community's responsibility to seize this opportunity to annex Steamboat 700, and put our plans and visions into place.

Towny Anderson: Put it in writing

If it is not in the annexation agreement, it won't happen. City councilors, please take this statement to heart.

Stuart Orzach: End of an era?

Learning that attendance at this year's Triple Crown Sports events is down by 20 percent, Steamboat Springs citizens can breathe a collective sigh of relief.

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Regional annexations face hard times

18 months after Pilot series, projects are struggling

Much has changed since April 2008, when the Steamboat Pilot & Today's three-part series, "City Limits," examined annexations in other Colorado communities and how they related to Steamboat Springs' consideration of Steamboat 700.

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Chat live with Steamboat 700 project manager Danny Mulcahy

Mulcahy is answering reader questions about the proposed master-planned community in west Steamboat Springs.

Planning Commission supports 700

Commissioners vote, 4-2, send annexation on to Sept. 29 date with City Council

Planning Commissioner Karen Dixon hailed the Steamboat 700 proposal Thursday night as a "framework for concentrated, dense, smart growth" as she made the successful motion clearing a path for the creation of more than 2,000 new homes just outside the city's western boundary.

Planning Commission reviewing Steamboat 700 annexation

The Steamboat Springs Planning Commission is scheduled to make a recommendation on the proposed Steamboat 700 annexation today, but the complexity of the project may necessitate an additional meeting before the issue is passed to the Steamboat Springs City Council.

School Board approves Steamboat 700 agreement

Members seeking clarification about transfer fee exemption

The Steamboat Springs School Board approved a "covenant" agreement Monday night with the developers of Steamboat 700 to share the $30 million costs of a new school and high school expansion needed to accommodate student growth as a result of the proposed development west of Steamboat city limits.

School Board to weigh Steamboat 700 options

Members to decide whether to approve 'covenant' agreement

Attorneys for the Steamboat Springs School Board and Steamboat 700 have reached an agreement to share the costs to build a new school needed as a result of the development west of city limits and to expand the district's high school.

Steamboat 700 sustainability measures debated

The city of Steamboat Springs and the developers of the proposed Steamboat 700 annexation have negotiated for months and reached agreement on many complex issues, including affordable housing and water.

Steamboat Springs Planning Commission reviews Steamboat 700

Commissioners aim to make recommendation to council next week

Concerns continue to be addressed, but hesitancy continues to be expressed about the proposed Steamboat 700 annexation.

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Steamboat 700 open house draws large crowd

Project gets opinions from passionate group

A large and diversly opinionated crowd turned out to the Steamboat Springs Community Center on Wednesday for an open house and town hall meeting to discuss the controversial and complex Steamboat 700 development project. Those who remain undecided used the event as an opportunity to learn more about the project.

700 debate gets emotional; council members express concerns

Public open house, town hall meeting to discuss project today

City Council's debate about the proposed Steamboat 700 annexation turned suddenly emotional and more hesitant Tuesday on the eve of a public open house and town hall meeting to discuss the project.

Officials hope for large turnout at Steamboat 700 meeting

City officials hope for a large turnout Wednesday at an open house and town hall meeting designed to provide information about the proposed Steamboat 700 annexation.

City seeks a change of direction at Haymaker

Council to review 700's capital facilities plan

City officials have decided not to renew their contract with Haymaker Golf Course pro Hank Franks and will ask the Steamboat Springs City Council today for permission to negotiate a new deal with two local men.

Steamboat 700 talks made public

Negotiating team meetings opened

The city's once-private negotiating meetings with the Steamboat 700 development team were made public earlier this summer.

700 agreement back on district's agenda

Steamboat Springs School Board deal could lead to new school

Steamboat Springs School Board members again will be asked to approve an agreement with the developers of Steamboat 700 to share the cost of a new school in west Steamboat.

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Steamboat 700 effects on traffic weighed, debated

Traffic concerns are among the many issues being debated as the Steamboat Springs City Council nears an October vote on the multi-faceted Steamboat 700 project that is seeking annexation.

Steamboat 700 would be unique among city neighborhoods

Development would include provisions not in other areas

If approved and annexed, the proposed Steamboat 700 master-planned community would be subject to many provisions that won't exist in other areas of the city, according to a draft annexation agreement reviewed by the Steamboat Springs City Council on Tuesday.

Steamboat 700 annexation agreement moves forward

City Council requests measure to discourage speculation, flipping

Steamboat Springs City Council members said they want to see language inserted to discourage speculation and property flipping but otherwise directed no major changes to a draft annexation agreement with Steamboat 700.