Steamboat students thrilled by local’s tale of Everest summit |

Steamboat students thrilled by local’s tale of Everest summit

Bowden Tumminello, left, was excited to have his dad, Doug, at Heritage Christian School on Monday to talk about his 2006 summit of Mount Everest.

— When Bowden Tumminello looks at photos of his dad summiting Mount Everest, the 9-year-old says he gets a better sense of what his own climb of the world’s tallest mountain will look like.

"I have a couple of dreams of climbing Everest," the Heritage Christian School student said Monday as his dad, Doug, prepared to chronicle his 2006 Everest climb to Bowden’s classmates. "I’ve also got more dreams to do more things my dad hasn’t done yet, like appearing on ‘Man vs. Wild.’ That’s my favorite show."

His classmates at the private school were quick to marvel at Doug Tumminello’s recap of his expedition to 29,000 feet.

When the first picture of Everest appeared on a projector, a young girl in the front row wondered aloud whether the mountain went all the way up to space.

Tumminello then recounted the emotional toll the death of three Sherpas took on his climbing team. There also was the dysentery that snagged him at 21,500 feet.

"I don’t expect anyone to do exactly what I do," Tumminello said before he gave his presentation that ended with pictures and video from his more recent expedition that had him row 3,100 miles across the Indian Ocean in 58 days. "I want them to discover what their own talents are, what their own passions are. My passion is expeditions. For my kids, and for other kids in here, it may be something different."

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But Bowden, who moved from Littleton to Steamboat with his family a couple of months ago, made it clear he shares his father’s passion for adventure.

The boy has taken up tae kwon do and rugby, and he hopes he can join his dad on a future skiing expedition to the South Pole. Until then, he’s content with watching his dad share his expeditions with classmates.

"I like to share how brave my family is," Bowden said, adding that his mom competes in rigorous bike races and his sister plays soccer and runs cross-country. "I really like having an athletic family.”

When Heritage Christian School administrators invited his dad to talk about his recent adventures, Bowden said, he knew his classmates would enjoy the presentation.

Not many parents have summited Everest, rowed across the Indian Ocean and plan to ski more than 700 miles from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole.

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