Steamboat riders rack up results at nationals |

Steamboat riders rack up results at nationals

— It's about results and having fun, and Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club snowboarders put up plenty of the former and did lots of of the latter while competing last week at the United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association national championships at Copper Mountain.

One young Steamboat Springs athlete was rewarded for something beside his snowboard savvy, however.

Jacy Werner, 15 years old and in the youth men's division, didn't finish better than 12th in any event during the week — he was 12th in both halfpipe and slopestyle. But, he made a bigger mark elsewhere. He was named the "kindest" competitor in the Rocky Mountain Series.

"It's because of the way he treats others," said Tori Koski, Winter Sports Club snowboard director. "He's a huge role model for all the younger athletes. He's always helping out at events and goes out of his way to say, 'Thank you.'"

The club had a strong weekend, collecting finishes on the snow, too, and none were better — or smaller, as it were — than Rochelle Weinberg, who dominated the Ruggie division, for athletes 7-years old and younger.

She was second in slopestyle, won giant slalom, slalom and snowboard cross, then won halfpipe too, which was notable, as it took all she had just to reach the lip of the monster 22-foot halfpipe. That's the same size her elder Steamboat teammates, such as Arielle Gold, Taylor Gold and Matt Ladley, ride in X Games.

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"She didn't even care if she was in first. She was just so excited to make it to the lip," Koski said. "She's just an incredible little rider. She really stands out from the younger snowboarders, just because of her skills, her fundamentals."

Colleen Healey also scored a win for Steamboat, getting the victory in snowboard cross in the top women's division.

Walker Overstake, too, came away on top, winning the boys Menehune slalom event. He was also second in the giant slalom.

"He's just grown into an incredible, elite racer," Koski said. "He's gotten a lot stronger and grown into his equipment a little."

Other podium finishes included Robert Burns in men's open slalom, Mick Dierdorff in men's open snowboard cross, Winston Vaughan in youth men slalom and Christian Coherd in junior men slalom. Marty Boyd also earned a podium spot outside the usual events, placing third in a rail jam.

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USASA Nationals results

Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club top-10 finishes

Ruggie girls

1st, Rochelle Weinberg, HP

1st, Rochelle Weinberg, GS

1st, Rochelle Weinberg, SL

1st, Rochelle Weinberg, SBX

2nd, Rochelle Weinberg, SS

Women’s open

5th, Maggie Carrigan GS

4th, Maggie Carrigan, SL

9th, Millie Bongiorno GS

12th Millie Bongiono, GS

Men’s open

2nd Robert Burns, SL

2nd Mick Dierdorff SBX

4th Robert Burns, GS

4th Riley Kilmer-Choi, SL

5th Mike Trapp, GS

6th Cole Johnson SBX

7th Cody Winters, SL

8th Billy Winters, SL

8th Steve MacCutcheon, GS

9th Mike Trapp, SL

10th Steve MacCutcheon, SL

10th Billy Winters SBX

Breaker girls

8th, Kendall Harrington, SL

8th, Kendall Harrington, SBX

Breaker boys

3rd, Marty Boyd, rail jam

9th, Kento Kawamura, GS

10th, Kento Kawamura, SL

10th, Marty Boyd, SS

Menehune boys

10th, Charlie Thompson, GS

Youth men

2nd, Winston Vaughan, SL

4th, Cooper Scheel, SL

7th, Winston Vaughan, GS

8th, Cooper Scheel, GS

Junior men

2nd, Christian Coherd, SL

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