Steamboat Pentathlon savory event for competitors |

Steamboat Pentathlon savory event for competitors

More than 200 show up for annual test

— Oh, Barkley Robinson may say he has fun in the annual Steamboat Pentathlon, but hang around the finish line at the downtown Steamboat Springs event and one may start to question his words.

In fact, one may question whether any adult is truly taking advantage of the Pentathlon.

Robinson won the event again, dashing across snow, slush and street in the Swiss army knife of Steamboat endurance events easily fast enough to retain his titles, both the one from the actual event — pentathlon champ — and the larger one that comes along: Steamboat's best at the most.

But what's a satisfied grin and a hug for the wife compared to the unadulterated glee that is a team of children charging down the home stretch, escorting their final competitor to the finish line? Arms wave, children yell and laugh. Sometimes even snowballs flew.

Hannah Williams won the long course on the women's side, and dozens of adults logged finishes they can be proud of. None did it with quite the gusto the seven teams of five children each managed.

Take the Zombie Zoomers, for instance.

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Finn Sias, Chase Weynand, Cole Gedeon, Barret Taylor and Benton Sherman were not the fastest group. They finished

sixth. You'd have never known it as the group gathered around Barret, the athlete assigned the final stage, for a run to finish-line glory.

The group of Soda Creek Elementary School fourth-graders chose their team's name by brainstorming for cool words and combining two of the best they came up with.

Their special-made zombie shirts, complete with fake blood stains, flapped in the breeze, and they finished together.

"It's really fun, and it gets everyone going," Barret said. "Everyone was fun. It's fun just being with your friends."

Ellery Hodges and Annie Hager agreed. The 8-year-old girls were members of The Bombers — don't ask, the boys on the team came up with the name — who also finished the race with gusto flanked by teammates Reid Sias, Bridger Carlton and Cade Gedeon.

It hardly even seemed like a workout.

"It was fun because we got to do activities," Ellory said. "We just got to go play."

Robinson led most of the way to win the men's standard course to win for the third year in a row. He charged up Howelsen Hill to start the race. A former member of the U.S. Ski Team, he had little trouble carving his way back down the 400 vertical feet. One of the best cyclists in town, he scorched the 12-mile mountain biking segment. The avid cross-country skier only gained ground in a four-mile skate-ski course. The running — the 2.5 miles in snowshoes and the 5 miles on the Yampa River Core Trail — he simply endured.

It was enough to win again, this time in 1 hour, 51 minutes and 58 seconds. Brad Bingham was in second at 2:00:55, and Greg Abrahamson was third in 2:04:37.

"Experience helps," said Robinson, glancing over at the mountain of equipment that lingered in his staging area.

There were chairs and mats to making changing easier. There were boots and skis, poles and a bike and enough shoes to outfit a family.

"There's a lot to this race for sure," he said.

Williams, too, seemed to have fun on the sunny day. Her first words after crossing the finish line were, "It was hard!" After a little reflection, though, she was happy with her place and her time. She finished in 2:16:48. Jennifer Kerr was second at 2:40:31 and Caitlin Thorn was third in 2:46:36.

Jody Gale was the women's short course winner, and T.J. Thrasher was the men's short course champ.

"It's hard because everything is like a sprint," Williams said. "Each event is short enough for everyone to go all out for it. It's like sprinting for two hours.

"But it was great. It was definitely worth it."

OK, maybe the event was fun for adults, too. A few painted T-shirts would help underline the point, though.

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Steamboat Pentathlon results

March 10

Howelsen Hill

Individual results

Standard course


Ages 18 to 29

1 Hannah Williams, 2:16:48

3 Caitlin Thorn, 2:46:36

4 Elizabeth Londner, 2:49:33

Ages 30 to 39

5 Windy Kelley, 3:00:00

Ages 40 to 49

2 Jennifer Kerr, 2:40:31


Ages 18 to 29

4 Tyler Klansnic, 2:06:22

10 Eddie Rogers, 2:23:10

11 Mark Anderson, 2:37:52

14 Jesse Johnson, 2:53:54

15 D.J. Nudy, 2:55:40

Ages 30 to 39

1 Barkley Robinson, 1:51:58

2 Brad Bingham, 2:00:55

3 Greg Abrahamson, 2:04:37

6 Peter Kalmes, 2:10:02

13 Jason McDonald, 2:47:26

Ages 40 to 49

5 Bill Wright, 2:08:59

7 Eric Coppock, 2:12:30

8 John Van Eden, 2:12:54

9 Ben Clark, 2:13:35

Ages 50 to 59

12 Erik Graab, 2:45:09

Short course


Ages 30 to 39

1 Jody Gale, 1:30:47

2 Tasha Thrasher, 1:32:07

3 Angela Bogenrief, 1:35:24

4 Kimberly Morrison, 2:03:41

Ages 40 to 49

5 Kari Grossman, 2:22:12

6 Sandy Johnson, 2:26:30


Ages 17 and younger

16 Erik Belshaw, 2:10:54

18 Mason Voyvodic, 2:21:44

Ages 18 to 29

6 Matt Stensland, 1:33:58

Ages 30 to 39

1 Tj Thrasher, 1:14:03

2 Jeff Minotto, 1:17:17

3 Jeff Snook, 1:17:40

4 James Thompson, 1:27:55

5 Eric Rabesa, 1:32:03

8 Matt Kane, 1:35:42

11 Gerry Verdoner, 1:44:00

14 John Mah, 1:58:05

Ages 40 to 49

7 Eric Morrison, 1:35:15

9 Larry Lindeman, 1:39:52

15 George Grossman, 2:04:05

17 Allen Belshaw, 2:11:04

19 Chris Voyvodic, 2:21:46

20 Ernie Johnson, 2:26:31

Ages 50 to 59

12 Michael Peilet, 1:49:13

Ages 60 and older

10 Jacque Harvey, 1:43:33

13 Jon Geller, 1:58:03

Relay results

Standard course


1 Manic Drunken Onion, 2:11:13

Sarah Hamilton, Shannon Forbes, Elyse Tanner, Joan Donham, Adrienne Stroock

2 Creekside Cafe, 2:21:49

Kelly Landers, Sarah Westendorf, Beth Davison, Katie Weeks, Katie Taylor

3 Manic Mums, 2:29:11

Jenn Paoli, Lisa Eck, Ann Barbier, Jennifer Tamburrino, Michelle Barnes

4 Manic A Trois, 2:31:51

Summer Muir, Meredith MacFarlane, Kristin Hager


1 Alpine Bank, 1:52:07

Tom Krabacher, Mike Glass, David High, Jeremy Behling, Scott Myller

2 Manic Smartwool, 1:59:45

Kit Callahan, Arlo Lott, Will Carlton, Coury Armstrong, Eue Stephan

3 Team Rotary, 2:24:54

John Holloway, Michael Roberts, Walt Daub, John Pougalis, Coleman Holloway


1 Off The Couch, 2:16:14

Alison Flint, James Kruse, Andy Rottman, Britta Kruse, Lydia Rottman

2 Spicy Meatball, 2:17:56

Ryan Bentley, Francoise Bentley, Rebecca Feeney, Andrew Feeney, Neal Henderson

3 THPK, 2:17:58

Pam Palmquist, Samantha Pearson, Dan Bonner, Matt Treadway, Greg Herron

4 City Speedsters, 2:19:07

Mel Stewart, Dan Foote, Larry Schnackenberg, Chuck Cerasoli, Ginger Scott

5 Widespread Manic, 2:20:36

Jen Murphy, Bill Murphy, Dave Barnes, Scott Wither, Gina Wither

6 Teamboat, 2:29:13

Cw Portell, Missy Detzner, Caleb Meyer, Carrie Fransen, Kevin Thompson

7 Team Wellness "Massage Maniacs," 2:32:15

John Cardillo, Richard Williams, Jascha Bowen-Kreiner, Sue Bergethon

8 4 Sisters and a Brah, 2:34:12

Nicole Dolence, Jenna Dolence, Dori Jensen, Steve Tschirgi, Ann Dolence

Dynamic Duo

1 Roody and Jewels, 2:16:35

Bill Van Ness, Julie McFadden

2 Team B Real, 2:22:05

Britni Johnson, Reall Colbenson

3 Zaney Zanders, 2:27:18

Kate Chapman, Tim Zander

4 No Sleep Marrs', 2:30:39

Cara Marrs, Dave Marrs

5 Pair-a-Dice, 2:33:02

Genevieve Kalmes, Natalie Abrahamson

6 PB&J, 2:53:21

Andrea Imhof, Johannah Hall

Short course


1 Team Wellness "Super Sonics," 1:44:22

Seana Cardillo, Ali Williams, Joanna Liberature, Lee Gilroy

2 Dinamos, 1:53:35

Diane Carter, Maureen Bomberski, Jenica Walker


1 LWS Penguins, 1:24:20

Nikki Durkan, Luci Franklin, Morgan Mertz, Andrew Cosgrove, Torey Brooks

2 CSMR Rehabers, 1:34:28

Melissa Baumgartner, Leslie Bene, Kamen Velikov, Kiarra Guzman

3 West End Warriors, 1:37:51

David Henderson, Tina Kyprios, Jennifer Wilkinson

4 CSMR Rehabees, 1:38:47

Cindy Karet, Jean Colby, Lee Cox, Bruce Trido, Kirsten Alder

5 The Doaksters, 1:39:46

Sally Carlson, Megan Marion, Holly James, Jill Jonas, Michael Mayrsohn

Dynamic Duo

1 Manic Diesel, 1:11:11

Robbie Shine, Graham Muir

2 Manic Double Bubble, 1:24:01

Sarah Shine, Jaimie Zelkin

3 Spiffy Dog, 1:24:45

Julie Wernig, Kyle Nelson

4 The Incredible Harcs, 1:34:54

Amanda Harclerode, Bill Harclerode

5 Team Positive Waves, 1:43:57

David Hill, Krista Check-Hill

6 Hot Mamas, 2:45:40

Laura Ganguli, Heather Mahan


1 Team Floyd, 1:14:27

Jordi Floyd, Tyler Terranova, Sven Tate, Evan Barbier

2 The Snow Sharks, 1:38:05

Cole Sias, Ruthie Gorrell, Jimmy Colfer, Scout Reynolds, Matai Curzon

3 The Fab Five Fourth Graders, 1:41:31

Annika Belshaw, Riley Hodges, Mae Thorp, Madison Knutson, Canden Wilkinson

4 The Fantastic Five, 1:41:44

Lily Starkey, Anna Allsberry, Brooks Birkinbine, Corey Petix, Bennett Gamber

5 Telemark Titans, 1:51:25

Thomas Faunce, Christopher Faunce, Beck Kuhlman

6 Zombie Zoomers, 2:05:10

Finn Sias, Chase Weynand, Cole Gedeon, Barret Taylor, Benton Sherman

7 The Bombers, 2:17:30

Reid Sias, Bridger Carlton, Annie Hager, Ellery Hodges, Cade Gedeon

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