SSWSC Century Mark: Sue Rife |

SSWSC Century Mark: Sue Rife

Athletes and alumni look back on 100 years of memories

Sue Rife (Mary Sue Bowes), 64

Q. When were you in the club and what discipline?

A. I was in the club from 1962 to 1967.

Q. Who were your friends in the club?

A. My best friend was Sanse Neish, now Sanse Berry. She was very competitive and always won everything. She truly taught me how to ski. I skied behind her every turn for four years.

Q. What is your favorite club memory?

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A. My favorite memory was back in about 1963-64. Vail and Steamboat shared coaches, and when we were in Vail, their coach was ours and vice versa. So our coach arranged for the ski area to open Christie lift at night, and we had hot chocolate on the top of Christie lift, a snow ball fight and then we skied down See Me (probably by moonlight). 

Q. What are you doing now?

A. I am a grandma of five boys right here in Steamboat. They are so much fun to ski with! I am also a photographer.

Q. What impact did the club have on you?

A. The club taught me how be active and how to stay in shape … for a lifetime.

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