SSWSC Century Mark: Nancy Gray |

SSWSC Century Mark: Nancy Gray

Athletes and alumni look back on 100 years of memories

Nancy Gray

Q. When were you in the club and what discipline?

A. 1956 to around 2000, and I presently serve as a volunteer.

Q. Who were your friends in the club?

A. Robyn Lorenz, Janifer Harvey, Brigetta Wiik, Diane Hitchens, Sanse Neish, Bill Bowes, Sue Bowes, Kim Bowes and many others. One of the best things about the club was that it was so small that the big kids were always looking after the little kids, so you felt that everyone was your friend. Some of my coaches were Karl Schnackenburg, Loris Werner, Tom Cannon and Addison Gooding.

Q. What is your favorite club memory?

A. It is hard to pick one but being a part of the Winter Carnival night show was certainly a highlight. The view of town at night, the smell of the sulfur of the burning flares. Going in the lodge to get warm during a cold day at Howelsen with the smell of wool mittens near the fire.

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Q. What are you doing now?

A. I now work as a ski instructor at Steamboat Ski Area.

Q. What impact did the club have on you?

A. It gave me the gift of my lifetime career that I am lucky enough to have loved nearly every day.

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