SSWSC Century Mark: Jessica Aldighieri |

SSWSC Century Mark: Jessica Aldighieri

Athletes and alumni look back on 100 years of memories

Jessica Aldighieri

Jessica Aldighieri, 31

Q. When were you in the club and what discipline?

A. 1990-2000 Alpine & Nordic  

Q. Who were your friends in the club?

A. Brooke Rygg, Emmy Barr, Brett Buckles, Daniel Adams, Lindsey Laboree, Mark and Eric Iverson, Travis Meyer, Carley Gaminer, Catherine Rutter, David Lamb, Jesse Rapp, Johnny Spillane, Todd Lodwick, Billy Demong and Brendan Doran.  

Q. What is your favorite club memory?

A. Fall training, GS race down the face of Howelsen Hill, Chinese Downhill, down mile run on Nordic skis, getting caught eating candy in the hotel bathroom at midnight before our race the next day, staying at Granny's house in Aspen (loved her cooking). 

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Q. What are you doing now?

A. Living in Canada, head coach of Whistler Nordics.

Q. What impact did the club have on you?

A. The SSWSC is a special place in the world. I learned aspects of skiing, community, friendship, sportsmanship and, most of all, support.  

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