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Springs demolition complete

Water slide and hot pools removed from Old Town facility

The pools and water slide that have been a part of the Old Town Hot Springs for decades have been removed as part of a $3.5 million renovation project. On Thursday, engineer Hal Schlicht and general contractor Chris Perkins were touring the site and checking out its conditions.

— Pat Carney has been through several construction projects in her 32 years as the director of the Old Town Hot Springs facility, but the current one is the biggest yet.

Demolition of the water slide and hot pools has been completed at the facility, creating a landscape that looks a lot different than it did just a few weeks ago.

“All things considered, it’s going well,” said Chris Perkins, with TCD Construction, the general contractor for the project. “This place, when it is done, is going to be unbelievable.”

Designs are being finalized, and the Hot Springs is awaiting permits from the city for the $3.5 million renovation project.

The renovations will combine several existing hot pools into a large, curving pool surrounded by landscaping. It will force the closure of the hot pools until November. The project includes the replacement of the waterslide – built in 1981 – with a pair of new, gray waterslides that descend from a 41-foot tower built onto the east end of the facility.

“It’s going to be a nice asset I think,” said Old Town Hot Springs member Beth Hartung, who was checking out the demolition Thursday. “Parking is going to be a little tough, but we should be riding our bikes anyway.”

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The only surprise so far during construction has been the discovery of a “pool cemetery,” Carney said. The floors and walls from a previous outdoor pool were discovered, which meant some extra excavation work had to be done.

The hot pools may be torn out, but the Heart Spring is still producing 150 gallons of 103-degree water per minute. A lot of that water is feeding the lap pool – no city water is used in any of the Old Town Hot Springs’ pools. The spring water not being used flows into the Yampa River.

Overall, Carney said the response from members has been good, and inconveniences have been minimized.

“The whole idea of doing the hot water pools during the summer is they’re not used as much,” Carney said.

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