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Water logged and wobbly, swimmers tackle Bald Eagle Lake

Several dozen swimmers took to the waters of Bald Eagle Lake Monday evening. At least one young athlete was taking on the challenge of the weekly open-water swim race for the first time.

Steamboat Springs BMX results, July 16, 2015

Steamboat Springs BMX results, July 16, 2015

Steamboat Springs Pro Rodeo Series, Rodeo No. 5 results, July 18, 2015

Steamboat Springs Pro Rodeo Series, Rodeo No. 5 results, July 18, 2015

Steamboat Lake Sprint Triathlon results, July 19, 2015

Results from the July 19, 2015 Steamboat Lake Sprint Triathlon

Steamboat Soccer Club finds pockets of success at Mountain Tournament, uses momentum for tournament in Norway

The Steamboat Soccer Club had a successful showing at the Steamboat Soccer Club Mountain Tournament this past weekend, with gold medals for the U13 and U14 boys and a silver medal for the U13 girls. On Tuesday, four of the club's teams will use that momentum for another tournament across the pond: the Norway Cup.

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Sprint triathlon at Steamboat Lake serves as warm up for August race

Eric Kenney really likes the Steamboat Lake area and it really seems to like him. The 39-year-old endurance coach from Boulder has competed in three of the five Steamboat Lake Sprint Triathlons to date, which included Sunday’s race, and the results speak for themselves.

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Handcyclist powers through Tour de Steamboat

It took Colorado Springs resident Drew Wills a long time to break away from his cycle following Saturday’s 12th annual Tour de Steamboat charity ride. The 110-mile trek, which took him through three mountain passes, did nothing to take away from his cheery disposition and willingness to greet anyone that wanted to say hello.

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Tour de Steamboat brings together two cycling greats

Beer in hand, Steamboat Springs bike legend Kent Eriksen sat just inside the open side door of the Shimano van Saturday afternoon, telling stories from the early years of the Tour de Steamboat.

John F. Russell: Still learning the ins and outs of the parent game

Don't yell her name, don't yell out of the refs and I still don't understand all the rules that go along with being a parent.

Captain of the Boat results for July 17, 2015

Downhill race No. 2

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200 miles and done: Ultra runner Avery Collins finds his limit

Local runner wins huge race

Steamboat Springs ultramarathon runner Avery Collins finally found in the Colorado 200 what he was looking for: a race that could break him.

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Over-the-counter, leftover licenses offered for Colorado hunting

Starting at 9 a.m. Tuesday, hunters preparing for a trip to Colorado can purchase over-the-counter licenses both online, in person and over the phone at 1-800-244-5613.

Captain of the Boat, Race No. 2 results

Captain of the Boat race No. 2 results

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Steamboat squad set for World Series

Steamboat Springs U12 boys baseball team has played lots and lots of games over the past several years. Nothing stacks up next to the Triple Crown World Series, however, and when the 12 boys, their coaches and families trek next week to Park City, coach Jim Hansen said they’re in for an experience they won’t soon forget.

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Rodeo, theater collide in comedy routines

Great banter between a rodeo announcer and a good rodeo clown doesn't just happen. It takes work, and John Shipley said he and this weekend's high-flying, motorcycle riding clown Troy Lerwill have it down.