South Routt School Board to discuss endowment |

South Routt School Board to discuss endowment

— South Routt School District officials announced this week that they have collected the $10,000 they need to launch a private endowment fund the district hopes will grow to $1 million by the end of next year.

South Routt School Board President Tim Corrigan said Tuesday that the fund is expected to launch by the end of next week through the Yampa Valley Community Foundation. Board members hope the fund financially will support students and teachers in South Routt in the wake of state funding reductions to public schools.

"There are a couple of formalities to go through before the agreement can be finalized, and we expect that to take one week," he said. "We're very excited this is coming together."

A nine-member task force consisting of South Routt district officials, parents and teachers has been meeting monthly this year to launch the South Routt Education Endowment and announced last month a fundraising goal of $25 million in five years through private donations.

"It's a pretty ambitious goal, but we're going to have to raise that kind of money if we want to support our schools," said task force member and parent Russ Garrity, who has two children attending Soroco High School. "I'm committed to it, and I'm in with both feet."

The task force met last week in Oak Creek to finalize their proposal with the Community Foundation, and the agreement is expected to be voted on by the Foundation's board of directors before Dec. 23. Corrigan said the $10,000 the task force has collected for the endowment has been donated by 10 individuals.

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South Routt Superintendent Scott Mader said Wednesday that under the proposed agreement with the Community Foundation, the district would form a five- to 11-member grant commission with a minority of school district staff and a majority of South Routt community members who would recommend how funds should be distributed to the district.

Garrity said the endowment task force is working to develop marketing materials and will meet next month to discuss fundraising strategies for the year ahead.

"It's been a very long year of many meetings to get to this point," Garrity said. "But to see it starting to come together before the end of this year is very exciting."

The endowment fund will be a topic of discussion at the School Board meeting Thursday night. The board also will consider motions to:

■ Approve the district's 2010-11 audit.

■ Accept the Colorado English Language Proficiency Standards as the standards for the school district.

■ Certify the district's mill levy.

■ Approve a contract for an elementary school teacher's aide for the remainder of the school year.

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