South Routt juniors excel on Colorado ACT |

South Routt juniors excel on Colorado ACT

Steamboat Springs High School also scores above state average

— Soroco High School Principal Dennis Alt said there’s a lot he likes about the Colorado ACT scores released last week by the Colorado Department of Education.

Alt’s junior class of 18 students last year posted an average composite score of 23.9 out of a possible 36 on the Colorado ACT, a college entrance exam taken by all juniors across the state.

The score, which accounts for students’ performance on the reading, science, math and English portions of the test, is the highest in Routt County and also surpasses some of the state’s highest-performing school districts.

"We have quite a bit of variability in our scores because of small class sizes, but in the big picture it shows we’re doing the right things," Alt said Wednesday. "Our teaching staff is providing good instruction, and we’re getting kids prepared. It shows you that we’re definitely on the right track."

South Routt Superintendent Scott Mader also praised the scores.

"I think they say something about our district and how we’re preparing kids for college and world work," Mader said. "It’s a pretty amazing score."

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The 137 Steamboat Springs High School juniors who took the ACT test achieved a composite score of 22.1.

Steamboat and South Routt juniors both scored above the state average composite score of 19.4.

Hayden juniors scored an average of 18.8.

"The big takeaway is our students are performing at high levels," Steamboat Curriculum Director Marty Lamansky said. "Our teachers are making sure they are getting the content they need, and there will always be room to grow."

Breaking down the scores even further, Lamansky said that according to college readiness standards established by the ACT test, 79 percent of Steamboat juniors who took the test last school year would be expected to earn a C or higher in an introductory-level college English course, 63 percent in a reading course, 47 percent in a math course and 40 percent in a science course.

According to the ACT’s website, the test includes 215 multiple-choice questions and takes approximately 3┬áhours and 30┬áminutes to complete.

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