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Soundoff for June 19

Thorn in side

Triple Crown has been a thorn in the side for a number of years. Maybe it’s time that we let them move on. Half the town complains and doesn’t want them here, and a lot of time they are very unruly and leave their trash behind.

Harbor is historic

Whoever wrote the letter, “You’ve got to be kidding,” about the Harbor Hotel not being a historical building: How long have you been in town? That building has been there forever, and it is historical and that’s what makes it unique and neat, and to tear it down just takes another little piece of Steamboat away.

Triple threat

Triple Crown can bite the dust. They don’t allow our children to use their own recreational space. I do not support using any of our resources to build any more fields for them. We need someone new in this town that is more respectful of our fresh air and outdoors.

More fields needed

The baseball sports complex is obviously needed for our recreational use. That way, we can further develop our complexes that are for local uses. The complex would reduce the number of people using Ski Town complex and other multi-use facilities that locals enjoy. It would be in our benefit to spend what we need to assure our community a future in the summer sports business and in parks.

Viva vitality

Hurray for the Grand. They and their Realtors must have missed the exciting design charette that the city and Ski Corp. commissioned. Vitality is not just shops but a diversity of mixed uses.

Triple comes second

Steamboat Springs needs a sports complex that the local lacrosse and soccer groups can use first. Then, Triple Crown can use it also. But we need to first serve the locals.

No support

Your question of the week regarding a sports complex implies two things. One, would I support it? No, I would not support it in the sense that it brings too much traffic and congestion to this community and is turning this community into nothing more than Silverthorne. Also, I would not support it for economic reasons. I wouldn’t pay one dime for this complex to be built in Steamboat Springs. The fellow who is behind Triple Crown rakes in a lot of money. How much would he contribute to this? He’s in it for business, and we’re getting stuck with the tab. No, thank you.

Wildhorse looks good

Wildhorse Marketplace has taken so much criticism, but I believe it is good for Steamboat. The architecture is great and makes it look part of the Old West. New businesses bring in money, and competition is good. Look at Central Park Plaza with its colors that look like a strip mall. So, come on people, give it a chance.

Buying approval?

Let me get this straight: The way to have a tolerable gravel pit in the Yampa Valley is not to go through the exhaustive permitting process? It’s just to excavate several thousand tons of gravel and just sit and wait? We’re likely to have an awful lot of water ski lakes out here in Northwestern Colorado.

Apology wanted

I am appalled, yet not surprised, by School Board President Paula Stephenson’s comments about the salary ALD package defeat with the school system. Her comments were not only unprofessional, but they really validated the control and trust issues the teachers and other staff have with the board and superintendent. Remember, Ms. Stephenson, when you point a finger, there are always three pointing back at yourself.

District is cheap

It’s embarrassing and pathetic that the school district can’t find a measly $8,000 for salaries. This has cheap written all over it. Maybe the district should tap into their secret multimillion-dollar reserve funds for the money.