Soundoff for July 3 |

Soundoff for July 3

Council conflict?

Someone needs to give our beloved City Council a refresher course in ethics. Councilman Antonucci, a member of the Yampa Valley Housing Authority, votes to give city money to the authority, a clear conflict of interest. And while we are on the subject, do any of them remember what ex parte communication means?

Right to sell

Property along any river in Routt County demands top dollar. So if you are living along a river on prime downtown property on a month-to-month basis, and you bought a trailer in that situation, you take a gamble. When a person has a piece of property that they want to sell they have that right. The new owners also have the right to do anything with that property as they see fit. With proper notice any leases can be terminated, and this happens all the time in real estate transactions. So for a renter to feel that they should be compensated for having their lease terminated, I would say no. Any money given to them would be a bonus and should be appreciated.

Unfair deal

The Westland Mobile Home Park residents are not being given a reasonable relocation package. If the government used its eminent domain, it would give fair market value. The $4,000 being offered isn’t even enough to move a mobile home now. I think they should be reimbursed for what they’ve been paying property tax on. Most of the mobile homes are being assessed at $20,000 to $30,000. If that’s what they’re paying property tax on, that’s what they should be reimbursed for their forced move, along with $4,000 or $5,000 for moving expenses.

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$4,000 downpayment?

I do not think that the developers are offering the Westland Mobile Home Park residents a reasonable package. I would pose one question to Mr. Cook: The $4,000 that he suggests people use as a downpayment when they relocate, I’m just curious where homes that have a $4,000 downpayment are? Certainly not in Grand, Routt, Moffat or Jackson counties. It’s just a bad statement because there’s nowhere that can even been achieved. It’s wrong for him to take advantage of the less fortunate than him and run them off their property with the kind of money he’s going to generate from this development. Nothing makes it right.

More money needed

I don’t think the developers are giving Westland Mobile Home Park owners a reasonable relocation package. I think the city should take that right of way that Jim Cook wants to purchase and put that money with affordable housing and the Westland residents.

Developers don’t owe

The developers shouldn’t offer anything. People know that if they put their mobile home on someone else’s land, it may need to be moved again. It’s a risk that people choose to take. Expecting money is like buying a lottery ticket and, when you don’t win, taking it back for reimbursement because your risk didn’t pay out.

Housing gone

No. Not even close. It costs a lot to relocate around Steamboat. The city talks about affordable housing, and that’s some of the best affordable housing there is and it’s being ruined. I don’t think the city of Steamboat should be selling the street to the developer; the city is not in the real estate business.

Cost-of-living raise

As a longtime employee of the school district, I feel that the truth must be told!

Yes, we were “watching out” for the 12 people who were slated to receive no raise, but also at issue are the other 250 of us who will not receive even near a cost-of-living raise. We all know that the real cost of living in Steamboat is closer to 6 percent to 8 percent. For years, many of us have been receiving 0.5 percent to 1 percent raise. This is after being told that we are cutting overtime, bonus/incentive pay, even benefits for our retired staff — so that we could have a decent raise to “keep us competitive.” There is money for raises at the top, but somehow when it comes to the folks “down in the trenches,” the money simply cannot be found. Really?

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