Sound Off for May 29 |

Sound Off for May 29

Choice on Odyssey

No. I feel it should be a choice. With college costs on the rise and loan rates increasing, students should be allowed more leeway their senior year. This class, for many students, takes a lot of time and could be better spent preparing a pathway to the higher education of their choice. I am very much against making this as a graduation requirement. I feel it should be one option. I feel more and different options need to be provided. People should listen and not force their will on others when it is not their student.

Relax about Sound Off

To Beth Banning, who says Channing Reynolds is so right. Quit whining. This is entertainment and a way for people to sound off. This is the first Web page I go to Sunday mornings to start my day. One can’t be too serious first thing in the morning. Plus it gives us the raw feelings of the people that write. People have things to say, but have a hard time expressing themselves if their name is attached or have to speak in front of an audience. Having served as mayor of Hayden and two terms as a council member, criticism of public officials is part of the position. Like it or not, you suck it up and move on.

Movie theater support

There needs to be a six-screen movie theater to see movies that are never shown here. This may keep people from driving to Grand Junction or the Front Range to see them. If you are a working stiff like myself, you will come back after seeing the movie elsewhere with a vehicle full of stuff that could have been purchased here.

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Get priorities right

Let’s try this one more time. This is in response to the young lady who did not like the fact that I spoke against the people don’t have insurance and expect the community to come to their aid when they have horrible accidents or illnesses. To begin with, I am anything but “rich.” I am a housekeeper. Have been a waitress, nurse’s aide, and construction laborer…. I chose not to have children because I knew I would not have the means to raise them where I wanted to live, and did not want to be a burden on society. As I said before, I spend one week’s pay each month to pay for my health insurance. For that reason, I drive an old car, don’t buy a ski pass and my mountain bike is 20 years old. I guess it all has to do with where you place your priorities — new toys, time to play or take care of yourself.

Angry about pit

After reading about the gravel pit in the newspaper and that it had been approved, we need to thank our founding fathers for another screw-up like the airport. I also feel like since we are going to put a gravel pit at the base of Rabbit Ears Pass, we should put a garbage dump in the middle of the ski area. That’d be appropriate.

Odyssey is a joke

I think the Senior Odyssey is a joke. Kids don’t need to do that stuff.

Say no to Odyssey

No, I don’t think Senior Odyssey should be a requirement at our high school to graduate when it is not a state requirement. We need to give students a choice or an option to make the program more successful. Options like more AP classes and more vocational classes would be wonderful. As it is right now, Senior Odyssey just adds more stress on students and their families.

Opposes program

No. It’s a lot of weeks of kids sitting around and not doing anything and then a couple weeks of them busting their butts so that they can have teachers listen to their projects.

Not enough time

As a parent, I am totally opposed to mandatory Senior Odyssey. I had a daughter who graduated two years ago without having to take it. Instead, it was more important to her to take AP classes and she is very successful in college. My son is probably going to have to do it, and I can already tell he won’t do anything more than the bare minimum.

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