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Sound off

No Mallard Fillmore

I want to Sound Off, but I guess it’s not a community issue, but a trivial matter. I read your newspaper every day, and I just do not feel Mallard Fillmore needs to be in your paper. I might as well be looking at a big old mug shot of Rush Limbaugh and listening to his drivel. It’s fairly right wing, and it’s not funny. I don’t know if that is the philosophy of your newspaper. You have a very conservative, right-wing attitude. I don’t really care that you balance it out with a liberal cartoon. I just don’t like Mallard Fillmore. It’s not funny; and it’s stupid.

Biased newspaper

Your newspaper has the most biased, liberal opinion page I have ever seen. I think it is absolutely essential that each day you carry one of your liberal New York Times columnists such as Maureen Dowd, you also should carry at least one conservative opinion, and something better than Safire. Most days, the only conservative opinion I see in your paper is Mallard Fillmore. That is pathetic. I have never seen a more biased newspaper anywhere.

Drop question of week

The Steamboat Pilot should drop the Question of the Week. Last week, you only had six voters so it doesn’t really represent a cross-section of the community.

Padgett treated poorly

I would just like to comment on the School Board’s decision to remove Bill Padgett from his land in advance of the school district purchasing it. Bill Padgett was born and raised in this town, and for the School Board to take such a hard-line approach with him was wrong and inconsiderate.

No respect for Reagan

I was appalled to drive in town Monday and see people flying flags all the way to the top. We lost Ronald Reagan, one of the greatest leaders of this country, and people don’t even have the decency to fly their flags at half staff. It’s embarrassing and disrespectful.

Schafer will be missed

Hayden is going to miss Nick Schafer more than he is going to miss Hayden. It’s a shame to see him go.

Knight story disgraceful

Your treatment of the Max Knight story is disgraceful. From the photo you ran the day after he died to the information about alleged drug and alcohol use last week — it was unnecessary and disrespectful. I hope that you are proud of yourselves. Way to go, Pilot & Today.