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Smoke causes a scare

Little damage done to Oak Creek Town Hall

— The main offices of Oak Creek Town Hall got a little crowded this week.

Filing cabinets and stacks of paper were moved from a side room to the front office area when smoke was spotted from the side room Thursday morning.

Volunteer firefighters who responded to the call never saw any flames but they removed the drywall to reveal the culprit.

When heat was applied to the frozen drainage pipes, it melted some of the rubber that connected the pipes.

“We’re still not sure if there was ever a fire,” said Oak Creek Public Works Director and Fire Chief Chuck Wisecup.

Although some smoke was spotted from the pipes, no smoke damage was reported.

The minor incident did, however, leave a smell in the office Thursday.

“We did have a smoke odor for a day,” said Oak Creek Town Manager Ray Leibensperger. “It’s gone now.”

Because only a few feet of drywall were removed, the damage was kept at a minimum, he said.

Wisecup estimated the cost of repair should be only a few hundred dollars.

Once the wall is repaired, the items crowding the front office can be returned to the side room.

Until then, the staff will live with the clutter, Leibensperger said.