Sharon Sexton: Drive considerately |

Sharon Sexton: Drive considerately

Sharon Sexton

To the driver of the full-sized pickup with enclosed snowmobile trailer:

I am truly sorry for making you angry by trying to pull ahead of you when my lane ended on the west side of Steamboat near the park with the large, bronze elk.

I was trying very hard to merge nicely with the full-size Dodge pickup (I'm sure that you couldn't even see him because he was almost attached to the bumper of your trailer) when the driver sped up to prevent my merge. There was enough room for me to slip in front of you to avoid the Dodge, but you, too, sped up to prevent my merge. I was left in the shoulder next to three full-sized pickups, two snowmobile trailers and nowhere to go. Your wife was yelling at me. Please apologize to her for me. I really had no intention of acting aggressively. I only wanted to get into the lane of traffic.

By the way, your right turn blinker on your trailer is out, and you almost hit me when pulling into the turn lane going to North Routt. I was already in the lane with my blinker on when you decided to use the lane to follow your friend. You startled me with your unsignaled, sudden lane change. I'm sorry I honked. I'm honestly sorry for the anger I caused you.

To the driver of the full-sized white Dodge pickup:

I am sorry that you couldn't see my blinker as I tried to merge into traffic on the west side of Steamboat. I have had my mechanic replace the bulb with a brighter one. Maybe you could only see the back of the snowmobile trailer you were following so closely that you couldn't see the lane was ending and a silver Subaru needed to merge. Maybe my car was too huge for you to slow down to give me 6 feet of room in the lane. I really hope the brighter blinker will help if we ever meet again.

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I also want to thank you for finally letting me into the traffic lane after being forced to drive in the shoulder for about a half-mile. It was very generous of you to share your lane with little ol' me.

To fellow Routt County drivers:

Merge is a simple term. Two lanes become one. We must take turns and let others in. Blinkers help. We all know where these merge lanes are. We drive here every day. There is one on the south side of town and one on the west. Is it really so hard to remove your foot from the gas instead of flooring the pedal to be first? I ruined someone's day because someone ruined mine with anger and aggressive driving. Please, look around at these junctions and play nice with other drivers. I promise I will let you in!

Sharon Sexton

Silver Subaru driver

Steamboat Springs

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