Run Rabbit Run ultramarathon racers expected to finish early Saturday |

Run Rabbit Run ultramarathon racers expected to finish early Saturday

Michael Schrantz

Arizona runner Dave James makes his way up the slopes of Mount Werner after the start of the hare division in the 100-mile Run Rabbit Run ultramarathon.

— By the time you read this Saturday morning, more than 100 people will be finishing up a 100-mile run out, around and through Steamboat Springs known as the Run Rabbit Run ultramarathon.

If your morning coffee is at 5 a.m., the tortoises — the slower of the two classes of runner — are starting to trickle in at the base of Steamboat Ski Area. If you like those late mornings, the hares will be coming in to the base area at about 7 a.m. if they stick to an 18-hour pace.

This is the first year the Run Rabbit Run race organizers have opted to stage a 100-miler, and it has not been without hiccups. At the prerace briefing for the hares, race organizer Fred Abramowitz said some of the tortoises had complained about inadequate marking of the course. Abramowitz said additional flagging had been done to ensure those areas were no longer problematic.

However, the hares continued to have problems. At some point between Long Lake and Steamboat Springs High School, runner Nick Pedatella went off course. He ended up dropping at the high school aid station.

Just above the high school, where the runners are supposed to make a right-hand turn from Fish Creek Falls Road onto Amethyst Drive, Tarahumara runner Miguel Lara failed to make the turn and passed the high school aid station. He was able to find his way back on course and was told to keep running after arriving at the Olympian Hall aid station at Howelsen Hill. Gustavo Lozano, a member of Lara's team, said Lara lost time for a wrong turn much earlier in the course, as well.

Race organizers could not be reached Friday night for comment on the course.

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Although unrelated to course marking issues, trouble befell another Tarahumara runner. Arnolfo Quimare was experiencing knee pain and dropped at the Cow Creek aid station. His night ended with an ice cream bar inside Olympian Hall while he waited for Lara to run through the dark.

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