Rowena Decker: Observe the rules |

Rowena Decker: Observe the rules

— Recently I visited your town, as I have many times in the past 10-plus years. I am quite shocked at the liberties being taken by cyclists and pedestrians, especially in town. Whoever painted the biking signage on the roads needs a bit more direction. The signage is far out into the traffic lane, which allows cyclists to not practice common courtesy or the "rules of the road."

It was raining very hard one of the days I was there and a kid rode out in the middle of my lane from one of the side streets. He is fortunate that I was driving very slowly and was able to stop. Or maybe I should say I am fortunate because I understand your law enforcement is erring on the side of cyclists. I live in a state where cycling is very popular; the signage painted on the pavement is on the edge of the lane, as it should be, and cyclists religiously observe the rules of the road.

You have pedestrian crosswalks, but they, too, are being ignored — people are darting out between cars in the middle of the street.

I invite you to stand back and take a look at these observances and correct these inadequacies. I invite your law enforcement to start observing and enforcing the rules that apply to cyclists and pedestrians. It may just save someone's life.

Rowena Decker

Essex Junction, Vt.

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