Routt County woman charged with killing son makes court appearance by video |

Routt County woman charged with killing son makes court appearance by video

Lisa Lesyshen

— The Routt County woman accused of killing her 9-year-old son before attempting suicide has made significant progress in recovering from her injuries, prosecutors say.

Lisa Lesyshen appeared at a Routt County Justice Center hearing Wednesday via a video feed from a jail-like facility at Denver Health Medical Center. A guard was in the back of what appeared to be a small, cinder-block office. Lesyshen was joined by her attorney, public defender Scott Troxell.

Lesyshen only spoke once to acknowledge something told to her by 14th Judicial District Chief Judge Michael O'Hara.

Lesyshen was wearing white hospital pants and a blue T-shirt. She was sitting in a wheelchair but used her arms freely to adjust her hair.

Attorney Charles Feldmann — who is representing Lesyshen’s husband, Michael Kirlan, as a victim's advocate — said Lesyshen was paralyzed from the waist down.

Investigators said that after shooting and killing her son, Asher Lesyshen-Kirlan, several times during the early hours of May 29, Lesyshen shot herself in the neck area. According to court documents, Lesyshen and Kirlan were in the process of breaking up, and Lesyshen had learned Kirlan was seeing another woman.

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Lesyshen has been charged with first-degree murder related to domestic violence and child abuse resulting in death. She does not have the option to post bail.

The purpose of the hearing Wednesday was to better gauge how Lesyshen's criminal process would proceed. Because of Lesyshen’s medical condition, it was unclear when or if she could be brought to court in Routt County.

Routt County Chief Deputy District Attorney Rusty Prindle said Lesyshen has been undergoing physical therapy. Those involved with the proceeding estimated Lesyshen could be well enough to travel for court hearings in four to eight weeks.

"My understanding is she is making pretty significant progress," Prindle said.

Lesyshen's next hearing is scheduled for 1 p.m. Oct. 11.

"The court is hopeful Ms. Lesyshen will be in the courtroom that day," O'Hara said.

Outside of the criminal courts, Kirlan filed July 15 to divorce Lesyshen. Feldmann helped Kirlan file the divorce paperwork.

Feldmann said the couple has been communicating, which the court has allowed with Kirlan’s consent.

"She is able to call him, and they do not have in-person visitation privileges," Feldmann said.

Feldmann said the Routt County Sheriff's Office can monitor the communications. For this reason, Feldmann said, Lesyshen has been guarded when speaking, but she has expressed remorse.

Feldmann said Kirlan is living in the Denver area and trying to put his life back together.

"He's not looking forward to playing a bigger role in the criminal process, such as if he were called as a witness," Feldmann said.

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