Ron Murray: Disappointed by paper |

Ron Murray: Disappointed by paper

Ron Murray

I have enjoyed reading your paper for many years and find value in its content, but I was surprised by what I saw in the Best of the Boat category under Title Companies. You listed LandAmerica Title, which has not been a company for four years, and unlike 2012, you did not list Heritage Title in the category for this year.

Once I brought this mistake to your attention, you corrected it in your Wednesday edition by assuming that Heritage Title and LandAmerica were one and the same, which is furthest from the truth. Your correction stated Heritage Title was third with no mention of the LandAmerica connection. How can Heritage Title be third, when we were not listed on the ballot in the first place?

I was never contacted about the content of the correction, and again, your publication stated false information. I feel confident that if the real estate community were polled today, Heritage Title would have a very favorable response in your survey. I am disappointed that a publication such as yours did such a poor job in providing clarity and correct information to your readers.

Ron Murray

Heritage Title Company vice president

Steamboat Springs

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