Robert E. Hull: Where are the standings? |

Robert E. Hull: Where are the standings?

I have been reading your fine newspaper for more than 13 years and have never found any fault — until now.

Almost my entire reason for reading the Steamboat Today's sports pages is to review the professional sports standings, such as the NBA and NHL. Your sports pages did not include these standings for seven straight days. Your Jan. 12 issue included local adult league basketball, soccer and volleyball standings. Who cares about those standings other than the few people involved in playing in those leagues?

I am sure that almost all adult male readers have an interest in professional sports leagues standings. I just don't understand why these standings have apparently been eliminated from your paper. A proper sports section would include those standings every day.

It seems as though the newspaper industry is gradually losing readers, and I will become a lost reader if you don't start including major league standings every day in your sports section. Please take action to return the missing standings back into your newspaper.

Robert E. Hull

Steamboat Springs

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