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Rick Pighini: Educate children

— After reading Sunday's paper ("Omar Campbell: Let's vote on pot") I decided I had to write in. It is incredible that in the free society of the United States we are always looking for the next law that limits our freedom. The weed debate continues with each side making up things — because that's what people do.

No. 1: Pot is not addictive. Alcohol and prescription drugs are. Go to AA meetings and see how many are there because of pot.

No. 2: If you don't want your kid smoking pot or drinking, teach them how to make good decisions. That is your job as a parent, not the advertisers in a free society.

No. 3: You can find pot in any town in America. Just like Prohibition, making things illegal doesn't stop their use. We also know that education is the answer so that people and kids have all the truthful information to make good choices.

Remember parents, you can't just tell your kids not to do things because you did it when you were young. If you want to know what your kids are doing, just remember what you did at their age. That's what they are doing. And finally, the reason pot is or can be a gateway drug is because when it is illegal users have to go to drug dealers to get pot and those drug dealers, having a good business model, know they have to diversify in order to succeed. So if you're afraid of what you or your child may do with all these crazy pot stores around, educate yourself and them and make decisions that fit your life and let those who feel they need it make their own.

Rick Pighini

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