Retired Routt County Commissioner Stahoviak returns home after stay at Doak Walker Care Center |

Retired Routt County Commissioner Stahoviak returns home after stay at Doak Walker Care Center

Former Routt County Commissioner Nancy Stahoviak

— After being away from Oak Creek for more than six months, recently retired Routt County Commissioner Nancy Stahoviak said it's good to be home.

"It's wonderful," Stahoviak said when reached at her home Wednesday. "I don't plan to leave until the mud dries in my driveway."

Stahoviak was released this week from the Doak Walker Care Center, where she had been recovering after several medical procedures. Stahoviak had back surgery in August and in November had a hip replacement in her left leg removed because of infection. Her right leg previously was amputated in 2005 after a series of knee surgeries and the discovery of an infection in her femur. After that, she began using a wheelchair.

After the November hip surgery, which left her without a hip joint, Stahoviak had surgery on her right shoulder because a pin had come loose. The pin was put in after Stahoviak was involved in a car accident in February 2011.

Throughout the incidents and procedures, Stahoviak would participate in Routt County Board of Commissioners meetings as much as possible by calling in.

Before leaving for the most recent round of medical procedures, Stahoviak and her husband, Ron, packed up her office at the Routt County Courthouse.

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"He retired last June, and I'm glad he did," Stahoviak said.

After 20 years in politics, Stahoviak chose not to run for re-election and finished her last term as commissioner from Doak Walker. Tim Corrigan won her seat during the November election and was sworn in Jan. 8.

"It was time for me to move on," Stahoviak said. "It was time to leave the office. I was ready for it, and quite frankly, I'm not missing it."

After such a lengthy career in public service, some might wonder whether Stahoviak still has the desire to serve.

"My hope is that I'm just going to be retired," Stahoviak said.

She thinks she might occasionally help out, answer a question or consult on an issues, but for now, she wants to read books and spend time with her husband and grandchildren.

"They'll be coming up for spring break at the end of March," Stahoviak said.

Stahoviak said she feels pretty good, and Routt County Manager Tom Sullivan said she looked great when he visited her two weeks ago at Doak Walker.

"I'm sure it's going to make her feel a lot better to be at home," Sullivan said.

With Stahoviak back at home, the county is hosting a party to celebrate the retirement of Stahoviak and Treasurer Jeanne Whiddon and to congratulate former Commissioner Diane Mitsch Bush on winning the Colorado House District 26 seat.

The party is open to the public and is from 5 to 7 p.m. April 5 at the Steamboat Springs Community Center.

"I will have to leave the house then even if the mud is not out of my driveway," Stahoviak said.

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