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Locals share their love stories in celebration of Valentine's Day

In celebration of Valentine's Day, Explore Steamboat asked a few locals to share their love stories.

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Locals 2014: Ed and June MacArthur

Thirty-five years after arriving in the Yampa Valley — after meeting at Colorado State University in the late ‘70s — Ed and June MacArthur are still changing the face of town and its heralded Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club through their ceaseless generosity.

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Locals 2014: Steve Chambers

The story of how Steve “Elkie” Chambers came to Steamboat Springs is a familiar one. He first arrived on a college ski trip, loved it, and then came back to become a horse wrangler. That’s where it veers: He left to become a roadie for the Rolling Stones, dated one of their daughters, toured with AC/DC and U2, surfed with Eddie Vedder and finally married one of Tina Turner’s dancers and settled back down in Steamboat to live happily ever after.

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Locals 2014: Laura Lamun

Laura Lamun is a lot of things: a successful businesswoman, talented performer and loving wife. She knows what she wants from life and isn’t about to let anything get in her way. In the past 20 years, she’s built a national following and international business that reflects what’s important to her, and more than 120 products that she’s proud to have stamped with the name Little Moon Essentials.

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Locals 2014: Dr. Dave Williams

This summer marks a milestone for Dr. David Williams, 68. On July 1, he’ll retire from Steamboat Medical Clinic, which he co-founded with Dr. John Sharp 39 years ago.

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Locals 2014: Kipp Rillos

They say you spend the first 10 years in Steamboat trying to figure out how to leave and the next 10 how to stay. After 28 years living here, Kipp Rillos doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere.

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Locals 2014: Elaine Dermody

Elaine Dermody could fill several books with the text of her adventures. The 76-year-old has climbed Mount Whitney — the highest summit in the contiguous United States — twice, and she still loves backpacking in California’s High Sierras.

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Locals 2014: Bill Chace

River keeper is Chace’s title, one that he wears proudly on the breast of his long-sleeved green shirt at job sites. But the job takes on many forms, and Chace is the first to say his work — and passion — can’t be done singlehandedly. It’s a team effort, he says, that requires everyone from geomorphologists to hydrologists and riparian ecologists.

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Locals 2014: Debbie Aragon

Working at the State Farm office in Steamboat Springs is more than a 9-to-5 daily commitment, and those employees say that’s thanks to the woman at the top, Debbie Aragon, who stands out as a Steamboat local in part because of the vibrant office she leads.

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Locals 2014: Molly Hayes

If you peeked into the window of Mambo Italiano at lunchtime May 29, you would have seen 100 fifth-grade students filling the tables — the boys in collared shirts and ties, and the girls wearing their best skirts and dresses. Sitting with backs straight, napkins in their laps and passing the salt and pepper to the right, they were practicing table manners they’d learned in the classroom from a woman they affectionately call Miss Molly Manners.

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Locals 2014: Don Gore

Don Gore is a motorhead, an aficionado at jumping rope and he runs, bikes, works out and eats well so he can enjoy his biggest passion: skiing.

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Locals 2013: Tammy Farrell

To the more than 500 students who are taught at Soda Creek Elementary School, Tammy Farrell is Ms. Tammy. She is the face of Soda Creek. During school hours, Ms. Tammy, who has worked at the school for 23 years, helps preside over what she calls “absolute organized chaos.”

Locals 2013: Mike Kimmes

Many locals jokingly refer to the Yampa Valley curse as what keeps them in Steamboat. For Mike Kimmes and his family, it’s been anything but. “It’s that draw of nature and sense of community that’s kept us here,” Kimmes says. “There’s a great sense of belonging here, and everybody cares about each other.”

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Locals 2013: Jill Ruppel

Jill Ruppel sits on the deck at Old Town Hot Springs, her bright green shirt the only thing that can match her pouring enthusiasm.

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Locals 2013: Bob Hyams

Look beneath the sets of local drummers and you’ll see something taking the percussion world by storm, all from the Copper Ridge business of local Bob Hyams.