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Police arrest suspect for possession of stolen gun

Zach Fridell

Bruce Lob­ban

Bruce Lob­ban

— Police on Tuesday also arr­ested a suspect on suspicion of possession of a gun stolen in the November 2008 burglary of a locker the Police Department used to store evidence. Four handguns were stolen from the locker, and police already have arrested one 17-year-old Steamboat resident in the case.

Steamboat man Bruce Lob­ban, 32, was arrested after police allege that he traded one of the stolen guns for another gun. Lobban was charged with theft by receiving, violation of probation conditions and violation of bail bond conditions because Lobban was not allowed to have guns while on probation from a September 2009 domestic violence case.

Detective Dave Kleiber wrote in the warrant that the gun was found through a pawnshop registry when a man tried to pawn the gun at a downtown Steamboat shop. The man told police he had traded the gun — a .24-caliber semi-automatic handgun — for the Colt .32-caliber handgun reportedly taken from the police locker. The man said he thought the gun was legally purchased, and he required Lobban to sign a receipt for the transaction. Lobban reportedly signed the name "Omar Tony," but the gun trader was sure it was Lobban.

After detectives questioned Lobban about the gun, he reportedly said he got the gun from an acquaintance and said he had stashed the gun at a friend's apartment. Lobban reportedly said he signed a fake name to the receipt because he knew he could not have a gun while on probation.

DelValle said Lobban, a Jamaican citizen, was being held for a review by federal Immigrations and Customs Enforcement and that agency could file federal gun charges in the case. DelValle said Lobban was not suspected of breaking into the lockers in 2008.

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