Phyllis Coletta: Pot not news |

Phyllis Coletta: Pot not news

It's one thing to hide behind the First Amendment when accepting lucrative full-page ads from Aloha — a marijuana factory — but quite another to report pot contests as "news." We can now put to bed the illusion that pot is a "medical" substance. Do drug companies have contests to see which pill gives you the best "high?" Those evil pharmaceutical companies! Funny how potheads are treated so differently by the unbiased press.

"It is a mellow high, sort of a couch potato, evening smoke," one man is quoted in pushing his drug. Seriously, is this "news?" Do you not see the irony in putting this story next to one about cocaine arrests?

In a town that struggles with sky-high suicide rates, with depression and alcoholism rampant in its population what is beneficial about glorifying as "news" a drug that dulls the senses and turns people into amotivated listless morons?

Go ahead and accept advertising money from these charlatans (after all you are a defender of the First Amendment) but don't inflict this paper's now bottom-of-the-barrel "news" standards on your readership.

Phyllis Coletta

Steamboat Springs

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