Pete Wither: Opportunity lost |

Pete Wither: Opportunity lost

I've lived in Steamboat all my life, have seen many changes, made room for new ideas and people, and have served on the City Council and many other volunteer positions within the city. Frankly, I wouldn't live here now if it hadn't been for many of these changes, and most likely most of you wouldn't be here either. It's all made Steamboat what it is today, a great place to live.

Now that the citizens of Steamboat have spoken concerning the annexation of the Steamboat 700 property and the effective "Aspenization of Steamboat," negating 15 years and thousands of hours spent with planning and input from the community on our future growth patterns and a developer who followed and improved upon this plan in good faith, I am encouraging those who didn't agree with the annexation to become involved in future plans for growth for the city and for our kids and grandkids to be able to live here as we do now.

No growth is not an option. All those who voted "no" need to step up to the plate and help decide the direction. Their vote counted, but now the work begins again and hopefully we do not need to start completely over and make so many of the same mistakes as other resort communities. The time is now, when we have so many voices talking about concerns and feasible options. Let's take that energy and use it productively and not get lost in the negativity of a "no" vote because the demands for growth will continue.

I encourage all citizens to look around and see how they can influence and make a difference for the future of this city for generations to come — that's what we are deciding now, generations to come, not just for today. This was a lost opportunity in my opinion.

Pete Wither

Steamboat Springs

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